Pokémon Sun / Moon - 3DS


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Demo for this is out today with the full game out in a month. Anyone else going to be downloading the demo today?


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Just ordered my copy.


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What is the absolute minimum DS I need in order to play titles such as this and mario kart ?


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What is the absolute minimum DS I need in order to play titles such as this and mario kart ?
I don't think this has much in the way of 3D effects anyway so 2DS will be fine.


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Sunk 3 hours in so far, bit of a fanboy playing since the very first games, so obviously think it's fantastic so far :)

The last game had 3D ish effects on the battle's, that seems to have not made it to this version as far as I can tell. Gameplay is great though!!


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Grabbed this in digital from CDKeys last night for £30, but I've not played it yet. I'll give it a go over the weekend though.


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Put about 6hrs in so far, loving it, I'm knew to the newer pokemon games i've not really played that much since the SP era.


Whats poke bank?
Let's you move B&W, ORAS and XY Pokemon into sun and moon (SUMO). Also the virtual console Blue, Red, Green and yellow versions. But not glitch Mew :(

Can store up to 3000 at once. £5 a year I think. Will only need it for a year here.


Started yesterday on this, as Pokemon Bank has a lot for me to transfer across (although it has its own Pokedex apparently).

Loving the small tweaks so far:

* Being able to add a captured 'mon to party and send another to box (at last!)

* Seeing what the level-up stats do to total score
* Seeing the impact of buffs/debuffs on each 'mon
* Being able to see effectiveness of moves against things you've fought before (I often forget mixed types :) )

I'm sure I will find more :)


Is anyone still playing this? I've been hammering it - 60+ hours so far. Would be keen to link trade with a trusted member to get some Pokedex entries filled in the Alola dex as well as the Pokemon Bank National dex.

Have to say, that this break from the "traditional" style of Pokemon game has been fantastic. Hard to get used to at first, but definitely well paced and good learning curve for sure.

Unlocking the IV Rater at the battle tree has been helpful - found that a few of my wonder-trades are 6IV perfect - including one Shiny Rowlett. Being able to rate any 'mon from any PC interface is massively helpful.

Bagged my first ever wild Shiny yesterday as well - shiny Granbull - was very unexpected but welcome!

Other good things:

* New catches give you option to add to team or go to box
* Breeding is amazingly fast - seriously! Eggs are sometimes ready within 20 seconds of placing my Ditto whore in with another!
* Eggs hatch quickly on foot, and can be put in Poke Pelago too - up to 18 at a time!
* Trades don't need an empty slot in your party in-game
* Receiving an egg doesn't need an empty slot in your team either (finally!)
* QR scan is really helpful :) I can see it getting used more in future for other things too...



Are you still playing this? I finally got round to it and just finished my first trial...
I finished and got the legendaries, but, felt a bit overwhelmed at the thought of acquiring all 800 odd Pokemon through trade - takes far too long sadly :( I fancied more gaming on other things, rather than sitting at a screen watching trades come in and setting them free when they are crappy route 1 low-level on Wondertrade or people with stupid expectations on global trade system.

Good game though - I enjoyed it a lot - good way to update the series in my opinion. Might dip back in with the new version later this year.


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the wonder trade in these games are god, im sitting pretty good with almost an entire box of shinies right now. i also have the new rerelease of sun pre-ordered and ready to go when its dropped.

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