Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Review & Comments


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Just got back from seeing it with the family, 10yr old son loved it, 6yr old daughter was bored and the Mrs fell asleep, I thought it was ok but won’t be rushing to buy it once it comes out.
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Saw it today, whole family enjoyed it. Enjoyable, fun and funny


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Took my 9 year old son yesterday, we both loved it.


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It's a movie made for children, that tells it all, I wont waste my time watching it:laugh:
You could argue the same on thousands of films


Just got back from watching it. Really enjoyed it. Fun film and if you are a pokemon fan (like I was) then I think it fits the bill. Having Pikachu talk was quite creative I must say. If this is done in Dolby Atmos it might be a good mix.

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