Pointers needed to get me started on new cinema room


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this is the first time ive been able to commandeer a whole room for my cinema.

Its 10'x16'

Will this room support a setup such as KEF's Q series, or do i need to think smaller?

also im not sure whether to have the system firing down the room (16') or accross 10' ?
accross the room is better for seating arrangements and i wont have to have such a big screen (hoping to get 42-50") but i dont want to compromise the sound too much.

any advice at these early stages would be great thanks :)


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not the most knowledgable on this Home Cinema thing, but I'm finding my feet.

I have a similar sized room - 11 * 16. I'm firing down the room, and displaying the image on the 11 foot wide wall. I'm putting a projector on the opposite wall to the screen. Currently I have a 32" CRT at the end of that room, and the seats are about 14 feet from the screen. I can see it fine. Think you'll have a fine size screen with a 42/50 inch.

As for sound, I'm going for the B&W MT-20. The kefs should good too.

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