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Afternoon all,

After the success from my post yesterday, and now having all the cat 6 cable etc i need, i'm now looking at POE CCTV Cameras so i can know the power usage before buying a POE switch

The cameras i am looking at currently are the Reolink, and i will need to do a bit of mixing of camera types. I am likely to need three turret cams and one that will clip onto a vertical wall

I've found very little on HikVision, but comments that their best cameras are now trade only on here make me wonder if it is worth exploring?

Ideally i don't want to spend more than £500 which looks achievable, certainly with Reolink, is it possible to get hold of the trade only type better spec HikVision cameras anywhere?

Now for the inevitable stupid questions as per yesterday

  1. I've seen reference to NVRs that are POE, do i just use one of these instead of a network switch? So just one cat6 cable between the camera and the NVR?
  2. Ideally i would like the NVR to be in the house, but two of the cameras will be attached to the garage, would i therefore need to run extra cat6 from the house to the garage to connect to each camera? Or can i have the cameras plugged into a network switch, and the switch go back to the NVR? (The garage is planned to have just 2 cat6 cables currently running into it, with one connecting into a switch and the other for backup should the first one fail)

Which cameras are generally considered the best between the turret and the bullet style? PTZ look to be out of my budget really and i'm not sure whether that means when watching them live or zooming etc on recordings, as i had thought i would be able to zoom in on recordings regardless?

If i need an NVR regardless of having a switch, then i wouldnt need as powerful a POE switch as the cameras would be through the NVR, therefore only needing one for the Unify AP


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Continued reading has led me to this, is this correct?

I could have the NVR in the house, run an ethernet cable to a POE switch in the garage, then two cameras off the POE switch

Then the other two cameras in the house could plug directly into the NVR

On the NVR i am looking at, there is a single LAN port and 8 camera ports, the LAN port connecting to the router and one of the remaining camera input ports would connect to the switch

I'd therefore have two ethernet cables going from the house to the garage POE switch

  1. One from the router so i can work other devices such as POE AP and Sky Q, Fire TV etc
  2. The second from the NVR to the switch for a data return from the cameras in the garage to the NVR


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I am pleased with the performance of my Amcrest cameras, one bullet and one turret. They feed into a Qnap NAS running QVRPro.
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