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I’ve been looking into getting a Lavazza Deséa coffee machine. Anyone got one to comment on or nespresso

BT Bob

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I know a few people who have some different pod machines - sorry, I can't tell you which ones - but whenever I've had a cup from one, the Nespersso has tasted better. I also think the machines I've seen look better than, for example, the Tassimo ones,

But - I have an issue with pod machines in general. I get that they're convenient, but I think the coffee per cup is pretty expensive, the "standard' range of coffee available is limited and the environmental impact of the pods is still unresolved for me.

I know Nespresso run a recycling scheme but they're still making an awful lot of the things. So I'd be looking for a refillable pod that would allow me to buy my own coffee and reuse the pod.

I'm aware I can get a bit preachy about this and I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about it, but I think you get a better quality and value cup by buying a "proper" espresso machine. Better-value still, get an Areopress.


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I agree and we do want to move away from our Nespresso machine, but it's easy and lovely coffee imo for a pod machine. We are looking into trying out some Eden Project pods that are recyclable apparently but may go up a level to a proper machine in future


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Nespresso for me. We send all pods for recycling and as the pods are aluminium and the boxes are cardboard there is no plastic involved. I get buying coffee beans etc. is more environmentally friendly but I don’t think Nespresso are too bad. At 30-40p a cup it’s reasonable coffee and reasonable value.

BT Bob

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As a comparison, I've done a quick calculation based on the last batch of beans I bought.

4 x 1Kg bags = £51.60 (works out a little header than the £13.50 they charge for a single kilo of beans).

Working on a 17g dose for a double-shot, and allowing for a bit few duff shots getting the grind/dose right, I reckon that gets me approved 230 double-shots of espresso - or 460 single-shots (which is probably closer to the amount you get in a Nespresso pod.

So £51.60 / 230 = 22.4p per dose, or 11p per single shot.

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