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So can anybody tell me if this is possible and if so how I do it. Is there a program that can download and auto import pod casts into sonic stage much like it happens in Itunes. Or If not what the work around is. I am quite forgetfull and want the podcasts to be downloaded automatically for me so I do't forget.


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I kind of get the feeling that most people here aren't podcast fans. Try the Yahoo Music Engine. It's free.


I tried this, full of high hopes and expectations, but Sonic Stage just kept getting in the way. It's not really designed for quickly transferring MP3 files that you're likely to want to update every day, or every week.

In the end I downloaded Juice to manage my Podcast subscriptions, and configured it to drop the Podcast MP3 files directly onto my Nokia 6230 phone (atttached by USB data cable). Works well, and with this particular phone you can listen without headphones using the built-in speaker.


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I use Yahoo to manage the podcasts, i.e. making sure I get updates, deleting old ones etc. With SS, all you do is import the mp3 files from whatever directory your managed podcast files have been directed to.


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Juice is a good simple program. It won't auto-import into SonicStage, but you can tell Juice to download the podcasts into a specified folder and have SonicStage scan the folder for changes....

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