Podcast: The Best TVs of 2021, Plus our favourite & memorable reviews of the year

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Jan 18, 2001
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This week we look at the best TV of 2021 plus we discuss our favourite and most memorable products of the year. We get Ed's album of the week and Steve's favourite recent 4K disc releases and round-up what we have been watching recently.

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley and Steve Withers

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Towards the end of the podcast, we ask you the question for this week's competition. When you know the question, select the correct answer in the competition here. https://www.avforums.com/competitions

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:25 - Welcome
00:08:53 - Competitions
00:11:56 - Trinnov update news
00:18:12 - Best TVs of 2021
00:33:36 - Most memorable products reviewed in 2021
00:51:10 - Album of the week
00:57:19 - 4K Blu-ray of the week - Mulholland Drive
00:59:33 - TV recommendations
01:08:00 - Podcast competition

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Whenever Steve cuts out it reminds me of The Matrix when people are "invaded" by agents :laugh:
Obviously Steve’s audio issues were being picked up in real time, but Ed’s voice seemed to be suffering from distortion issues to my ears - it sounded as though he was coming in at a very low level, and then having to be over-amplified.
Thanks for another fun and informative podcast.

A theory about Steve’s audio is that it has been hijacked by Aliens due to his particular bandwidth configuration. They are transmitting Planet Earth attack details to the Aliens already here. To most humans it is unintelligible, but to Aliens it is crystal clear. Some humans particularly those with forms of Autism can decode it. When Steve sets up the Telescope he may be able to spot the Alien Space-crafts heading towards us. Co-ordinates as of today are RA 21h 55m 52s | Dec -13° 41′ 27″
I like the idea of a "Most Charming Product" Award. :D
I like the idea of a "Most Charming Product" Award. :D
I’m looking forward to @Ed Selley ’s Christmas Day review, after the beast last year. Part of me would love it to be this, but that might be too outrageous even for him.

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