Podcast: Sony A90J/A80J OLED details, Best type of Amplification, Film & TV Show News + Reviews

Phil Hinton

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This week we look at the NAD M28 and Storm Audio PA16 mkII Class D amplifiers and ask which type of amplification is best for your system. Plus, Sony has revealed the pricing and availability of the A90J and A80J OLED TVs for 2021 and we also round-up the film and TV Show news and reviews.

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:33 - Welcome and catchup
00:12:30 - Sony TV price announcements
00:16:30 - LG price cut for one week
00:18:58 - Ultra short throw projectors
00:24:05 - Amplification - best class of amplifier?
00:46:55 - Ed's album of the week
00:53:35 - Zack Snyder's Justice League 4 hour cut
00:58:00 - Cocaine Bear movie
01:02:25 - Raya and the Last Dragon (Disney+) review
01:05:10 - Monster Hunter Blu-ray review
01:10:25 - What's worth watching on TV this week
01:20:00 - Netflix vs Disney+ vs Amazon Prime Video vs Apple TV
01:29:40 - WandaVision catchup
01:32:00 - Podcast competition

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Cas Harlow and Steve Withers

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Thanks as always guys, another fun & lively podcast.
So much Love for Sky & Amazon Prime! :D


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Excellent podcast. :thumbsup:

Good discussion on the various classes of amplification. And i agree 100% with Ed that implementation with Class D modules makes a huge difference in the final result. I have tried 3 or 4 different Hypex modules , some with a linear (old school) power supply and some with switchmode powersupply. Different (albeit subtle) sound every time. Done proper, Class D can sound amazing.


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Great conversation about the amplification types. Can I ask what may be a really stupid question (probably aimed at @Ed Selley)?

I seem to recall that, around 1999-2000-ish, Sharp came out with a true digital amplifier, where everything was dealt with in the digital domain, at a 1-bit sampling rate. Presumably this was different to class D. Was it any good, and has it been adopted more widely?


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Morning @Phil Hinton

Did you say the say the podcast date was 3rd March at the beginning, totally threw me

Keep up the good work gents, enjoyable as always

Phil Hinton

Staff member
Morning @Phil Hinton

Did you say the say the podcast date was 3rd March at the beginning, totally threw me

Keep up the good work gents, enjoyable as always
Yes, Stuart decided we were starting early and set everything away when we were not ready to go, so I did say the wrong date, sorry.

Lucky woman

Great podcast! :thumbsup:
And yes, I am 100% confident that Disney + will win the race with all the services in existence. It will only grow, and it will not reach the critical point very soon ... And the rest will only decline.


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@Casimir Harlow RE: Monster Hunter BBFC rating:

It was passed with a 12A cinema certificate last October.

Jessica Noir

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I love that Snyder didn't take a pay cheque, worked tirelessly to bring his vision to the screen in 4K with a Atmos mix only for Now TV to be like "LMAO! Enjoy it in 720p and stereo lads!"

Yes, I know Now TV now do 1080p but the quality is pretty crap.

Toon Army

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Please give a mention in this week's edition of Tom's review of Andy McNab's SAS: Red Notice

He deserves a pay rise and the thread is comedy gold in places.

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