Podcast: Samsung TV Launch & QN95A Neo QLED Review, plus Film & TV news & Reviews

Phil Hinton

Staff member
This week we discuss Samsung's 2021 TV launch details from their 2nd March press event as well as a first look review of the QN95A Neo QLED TV model. We ask how lockdown has affected our equipment buying habits and Cas rounds-up the latest Film and TV Show news and reviews.

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:26 - Welcome and catchup
00:23:00 - Products purchased during lockdown
00:49:00 - Samsung launch event MicroLED TVs & more
01:08:35 - Ed's album of the week
01:11:00 - Entertainment news
01:28:18 - Cosmic Sin movie review
01:37:14 - TV recommendations
01:47:40 - Podcast competition

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Cas Harlow and Steve Withers

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Good one as usual, thanks guys. :smashin:

The MiniLed Samsungs sound promising and the pricing for the 4K models are lower than i expected (at least in Denmark where i live) , shame about Dolby Vision though, odd choise.

Regarding AV kit changes during Covid, i have bought a Sonos Sub for my bedroom Sonos system (Beam, Sub, 2 x Play 1) as i have spent more time watching stuff there than usual, due to everybody being at home home and we all have different series/movies we want to watch at the same time.

And i have put of buying an Oled tv, was going to buy a Sony A8, but now i will wait for the A90J to come down i price. So perhabs black friday or there abouts :)
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Noce Podcast again Gents. Thanks!

Talking about smoking on planes, back in the 90's I was in South America quite a lot travelling between countries. On a couple of flights they also allowed cigar smoking, & the smoking area was right in the middle section of the plane. No escape! :D

Phil Hinton

Staff member
I've asked Stuart to look into the issues with the audio-only file and hopefully, it will be fixed soon. Thanks for the feedback.

EDIT: It should now be fixed
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Jessica Noir

Well-known Member
Thanks for getting it fixed so quickly. It was a long commute without the pod.


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Nothing has affected my product buying purchases over the last year except for the lack of said products caused primarily by the Wuhan virus.
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Unfortunately there were large parts of last year where earnings were massively affected by lockdown so the idea of upgrading parts of my AV system at a time like this seems a bit far-fetched, food and bills take priority right now 😂

Looking to the future lockdown will probably have a longer lasting effect as far as making me re-evaluate in what direction I channel any future spare cash, going digital rather than physical, can I live without product X and so on.


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Is there any chance the reviewers at AVF can answer people’s questions whilst they still have the TV?

Last year I seem to remember the review was put up, people asked questions but the response was “haven’t got the TV anymore”

Be great if this is possible :D


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Great chat as always gents.
re smoking on planes, in the 90’s was copilot on big jets and as soon as airborne Captain would light a pipe and flight engineer a cigar!
oh and as an aside, usually listen on audio after the cast, Steve has a tendency for his volume to vary quite a bit, can go very quiet.


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I decided to upgrade my ageing Arcam Av9 processor to the Arcam AVR 550 to go with my Arcam P7 power amp, glad I did, Dirac alone has added another dimension to the sound.
I also changed my sub from SVS PB12 plus 2 to a Power Sound Audio s3600 which is dual 18” drivers opposed (sealed)
wowsers! Goes down to around 11hz in room, it’s a beast!
Then added Sky Q & an Nvidia shield pro to upgrade my streaming.
also bought some wireless senheisser headphones, I’ve never bought so much AV at one time as I did last year 👍🏽

Toon Army

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Thanks gents - I enjoyed your Bruce Willis obituary!

Two series recommendations which we have recently enjoyed on the BBC iplayer-

The Investigation - True drama about the murder of a Danish journalist on a submarine. Ed will enjoy the sea search with his crash investigation hat on.

The Informer - The recruitment of a person by Counter Terrorism officers. The laters' acting is a bit wooden, but every episode has a WTF scene.


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Hope this tv is better than last years q series have nothing but trouble with the 2 I bought .frame rate drops on certain programs made it unwatchable. Still in arguments with Samsung, who by the way have the worst aftercare I've every known !!!

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