Podcast: Philips OLED+935 impressions, Denon AVC110 Review, Film Reviews, News and More...(21/10/20)

Phil Hinton

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This week we review the Denon AVC110 special edition AV Amplifier as well as getting the first impressions on the Philips OLED+935 flagship TV currently in for review. Plus, Ed talks Hi-Fi reviews and news while the AVForums movie's team review the latest films, TV shows and more...

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Tom Davies, Cas Harlow and Ed Selley.

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:17 - Welcome
00:04:00 - Dark Mode demo. Yes, AVForums now has Dark Mode.
00:06:00 - What have you been up to, Tom? Bly Manor discussions in threads
00:08:18 - What COVID tier are we in?
00:09:20 - What have you been up to, Cas? Exploding Kittens
00:12:50 - What have you been up to, Phil? TVs, TVs, TVs.
00:16:00 - What have you been up to, Steve? Star Wars Squadrons PSVR. Exorcists.
00:20:26 - What have you been up to, Ed?
00:22:05 - Competitions
00:24:45 - Nura NuraLoop Earphones review
00:32:14 - Denon AVC-A110 AV Amplifier review
00:41:45 - Philips 55OLED935 OLED TV first impressions review
00:47:20 - News - LG Display teamed up with Disney
00:52:30 - Ed's music choice of the week - Sturgill Simpson - Cuttin' Grass
00:56:10 - Tom recommends Blue Note Reimagined
00:58:26 - Tom recommends Amnesia Rebirth horror video game on the PS4
01:03:05 - Batman : Death In The Family review
01:10:00 - Rebecca (Netflix) review
01:13:30 - Back To The Future 4K Blu-ray trilogy review
01:24:44 - Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 1 review
01:29:50 - Jeff Bridges is ill
01:30:52 - Podcast competition
01:31:19 - Thanks and goodbyes

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Thank you for another entertaining and informative Podcast.

Also, thanks to Phil and Cas for answering my question on 4K restorations.

Toon Army

Well-known Member
Thanks gents and can't wait to listen tomorrow when I have a 3 hour car journey. Exploding kittens sounds intriguing.


Standard Member
Great podcast as usual.

Exploding kittens is a fun game. Played it on ipad with some friends. Cheap and fun.

@Tom Davies Thanks for the album recommendation. Great music !

Casimir Harlow

Blu-ray Reviewer
Can't see "Amnesia re-birth" PS4 listed anywhere. ?

Google is your friend.


Well-known Member
.and Denon : Please, please, delete those obsolete component video inputs, and re-instate a digital audio out. Can't update my AVC-A1 XVA until you do. End of rant..


Distinguished Member
Caught some of this by accident last night and was well entertained. Great to put a face to some of the reviewers and see the names of other contributors popping up. Keep up the good work and I'll be watching regularly from now on.

Jessica Noir

Well-known Member
Full aware I'm. the only one who thinks this, but in relation to the Exorcist chat, Exorcist: The Beginning is great fun and better than Dominion. It's like a early '80s Lucio Fulci film with a decent budget.

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