Podcast: One system for both Hi-Fi & Cinema? McIntosh MA7200 Review + TV Show & Movie Reviews & News... (03/02/21)

Phil Hinton

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This week we look at the subject of having one system that can handle Hi-Fi and Home Cinema in one room. Is it possible to have both perform at a high level in just one system? Plus, we have a short review of the high-end McIntosh MA7200 Integrated Amplifier, answer your questions in our Q&A and cover the latest TV show and Movie, news and reviews.

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:30 - Welcome and catch up
00:26:53 - Competitions
00:31:49 - One system for both Hi-Fi & Cinema? Discuss
00:45:00 - McIntosh MA 7200 review
00:59:00 - Ed's album of the week
01:01:55 - Palmer (Apple TV+) movie review
01:06:46 - Anti-live movie review
01:10:20 - RIP Hal Holbrook
01:12:13 - Muscle Blu-ray review
01:19:40 - 4K Blu-ray news
01:28:17 - What to watch to cheer you up
01:29:05 - Disney+ & Star
01:30:20 - WandaVision update
01:33:38 - The Expanse
01:36:42 - More TV picks
01:40:30 - Podcast competition
01:41:42 - Thanks and goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Cas Harlow & Steve Withers.

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Another good one. Looking forward to the movies podcast :thumbsup:

Stereo pre/integrated amps with hometheater bypass is a great way to do good multi channel along side great stereo. I thankfully have a forgiving wife and i am "allowed" two systems in our living room.
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Yup, bypass is a must for me. Not sure how common, but I made sure my Arcam C31 pre managed it and now I’m suffering from upgraditis what comes next (Lyngdorf 3400 has caught my eye) needs to have it too.
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Thanks as always for a great podcast Guys The definition of Chaos!
For once, got the Movie (Star Trek IV) for the intro quotes - hoorah!
@Steve Withers - before the screwing down, you could have used your rugs as an analogue wave form display by the sound of it!

Oh, & that picture of the jogging pants is unfortunately one of those "once seen, can never be unseen" images! 😱

Toon Army

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Thanks gents - Listened to the first 25 mins so far and you have already covered menswear, rugs and helicopter gearboxes. Sounds like it's going to be another good edition!


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Thanks for another great Podcast guys. Ha those joggers were quite funny!

Just to mention the "One system for both Hi-Fi & Cinema? Discuss" topic -

I kind of feel you missed the option of playing music that's actually been mixed into multichannel discretely. Therefore negating the need for stereo really. There's still not enough albums done in multichannel but the list is growing and the album mentioned in Ed's Album of the week - Steven Wilson, The Future Bites has a brilliant 5.1 and Atmos mix. It sticks it's tongue out and blows a giant raspberry at the stereo track - which sounds flat and boring (in terms of listening experience) by comparison... 😛

If you haven't heard the quadraphonic version of The Dark Side of the Moon, then you haven't heard that album at all before...

Anyone looking for a good reference for good multichannel releases could check here. Also Tidal has a smattering of lossy Atmos songs (some of which are good and others where the mixes are a bit bland).

The truth is out there... The world is round... 😎


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Another week of excellent discussions, I completely agree with those movie selections, Especially with Cas on Heat and Leon (or "The Professional" as they called it on release in NZ).

Loved the chat about the McIntosh, those things are proper nice ... I did just check and I do have a lotto ticket with a couple of draws remaining so there's always a chance some day I'll get one. I'd love to see you guys review one of their AV Processors, though at 25Kg you might want to check with a chiropractor first.


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Great pod as usual guys. Just wanted to point out that the most recent 4K players released are actually the ones in the new Xbox and PlayStation.
An old Xbox One S could be a good shout for anyone wanting a cheapish backup player. They’ll fall like a stone in price now the new consoles are out.

Breaking Dad

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Really look forward to Wednesday nights, keeping me sane during all the madness!! I thought Ed's background this week was a good reflection of the man, cats, vinyl, and beer :)


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Thanks guys.

Very entertaining Podcast again.


I still have an old Rega amp/Linn Index speakers for stereo and an old Yamaha E800 Dolby 5.1/DTS decoder for surround.

Started with a NAD 3020 amp and Yamaha E492 Pro Logic surround. The Speed lift scene was awsome!

Then added a Denon Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder to that.

I wish they made Dolby Atmos separates decoders.

Heat in Atmos! Can't wait.
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