Podcast: New Denon AV Products, HDMI 2.1, 8K, DTS:X Pro Sound Q&A with Denon Product Specialists

Phil Hinton

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We Interview Denon, Marantz and Sound United product specialists Philip Jones, Oliver Kriete and Roger Batchelor about the new Denon 2020 AV Amplifier and receiver models. We also cover HDMI 2.1 connectivity, 8K/60 and 4K/120 compatibility as well as the new DTS:X Pro sound support.

(This is the version with high res power point slides added. View the original live stream with live chat.)

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley and Steve Withers.

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00:00:00 - Welcome and introductions
00:05:25 - Introduction to Denon and Marantz and the differences between the brands
00:23:55 - New Denon products coming 2020
00:27:13 - HDMI 2.1 deep dive
00:43:51 - Why 40Gbps on HDMI 2.1?
00:49:07 - Why only one HDMI 2.1 input?
00:52:30 - Who is the customer for 8K?
00:53:24 - What other things are good about HDMI 2.1 besides resolution? Gamers take note
01:04:02 - DTS:X Pro and object based immersive audio deep dive
01:12:40 - Q&A
01:35:37 - Thanks and goodbyes

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Thanks for the Podacast, everyone. I particularly enjoyed Philip's detailed explanation of why 40 Gbps is enough for virtually everyone right now.
A very nicely concise podcast for a set of complex subjects.

Toon Army

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Thanks gents to everyone in front and behind the scenes. The slides always assist in the discussion/presentation and I will watch again in the coming days to fully digest some of the issues discussed. The live chat from members also adds a new dimension to episodes. There is no going back to audio only podcasts in the future.

golden phoenix

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Thanks @Phil Hinton and the gang, enjoyable podcast wish we had more time! ..what was not covered was what streaming platforms the new models have...i know the marantz/denons have spotify and airplay 2...but do this years model have other streaming capabilities and upgrades?

my highlight was the discussion regarding the decision on hdmi 2.1 ..which totally makes sense...from the manufacturers point of view and for the consumer.

edit : just revisited the article from june announcing the receivers and indeed theres amazon uk/tidal and roon enhancements..which i'm very happy about if i decide to get one of these bad boys.
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Thank you for organising that. It was useful and enjoyable for me. I have a 6700 ready to go and had obviously considered the Marantz. I found their explanation of the differences interesting.
I am glad they avoided the specs and went beyond that.

The 40gbs conversation was reassuring, especially for someone who doesn't game on their TV. I have assumed, in any event, that even if a source appears unexpectedly, that needs the highest throughout, in the same way as currently the source device would have to be able to dither or down sample or nothing will be able to play it.
The only question I was left with was over the 4k 8k setup switching, which they emphasised. I took it to mean, if set for 4k, I can then use the HDMI 2.1 input and outputs with HDMI 2.0, 1.2 etc. Guess I will have to watch again.

Thanks again the style of the three presenters could not have been more of a contrast which really helps


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Really enjoyed the podcast. From the product specialists, sounds like the internal components of the Marantz receivers are of a higher grade/more expensive than the Denon receivers so Marantz possibly edge it in terms of sound performance.


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Brill podcast guys. You may want to tell the Denon Dudes that I still have a working Denon AVC-A1XVA, from 2006. Known as "The Monster", weighing in at 44 kg. Used every day... Do I qualify for a discounted upgrade ? ! Ha, Ha !


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Brill podcast guys. You may want to tell the Denon Dudes that I still have a working Denon AVC-A1XVA, from 2006. Known as "The Monster", weighing in at 44 kg. Used every day... Do I qualify for a discounted upgrade ? ! Ha, Ha !
If you actually did upgrade it, your House would probably float away into the sky!


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Absolutely brilliant nerd-knowledge, more of this please!

Philip was great with his descriptions, even gave us the lowdown on IMAX Enhanced.


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Totally fantastic Podcast. Thanks all. Very educational.


Distinguished Member
Really enjoyed the podcast, over 200 tuning in live too.

Maybe CES 2021 will have to be in this format !
Great work guys - thanks


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Hi Phil/Steve/Ed,

definitely want more of the same please, as others have said in the thread, excellent explanations of the functions and performance capabilities of the technologies and hardware, including great insight for the configs of the immersive sound formats.

I appreciate that this must take some getting together, but look forward to when they can be done as an enthusiastic presentation from people who believe strongly in the products makes for interesting listening and to hear about attributes that may not get as much "airtime" in other media channels.

would be great if any of the manufacturers would be willing to offer an exclusive prize in one of the shows, or, when times are more normal, a chance to visit one of their sound rooms.

Lastly, would definitely like to know from these podcasts, which product is making it's way to the AVforums test rooms, although I may have missed that during the show.

Would love to have heard a bit more about 2 channel from Sound United, but didn't detract from an enjoyable show.




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Great podcast as always glad the HDMI 2.1 questions were answered, as there is a lot more to it then why only one input.


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Great pod cast and great to hear from manufactures and their thinking. An amazing array of technology goes into these devices. Looking forward to upgrading to a new Marantz. One question I have is whether Quick Media Switching (QMS) relies on all components in the chain supporting it - I'm assuming so? In which case, it sounds great, but it will be 3+ years before it actually matters?
Also, what is Dynamic HDR - and no I don't mean in the literal sense, but it is listed alongside HDR10+ DV.


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Just finished listening. It was a great podcast. The one thing I loved was the passion for their hobby and the industry. It didnt feel like a hard sell which sometimes you get from companies. Looking forward to another one


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Great podcast. HDR10+ on the Denon x600 series please :). It can pass DV already.

steve a

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Thanks for this great podcast, wow , Philip Jones was so knowledgeable and passionate about the Denon and Marantz products and everything else that he was asked about.
Nice to see the black ps5 also.


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No point adding HDR10+ as its days are numbered unless you have a Samsung TV.
Do you really think it's for the dodo Vs DV?

Denon put HDR10+ in the new series amps


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I shall look forward to a review on these hollowed forums of the Marantz SR8015 in the (hopefully) coming weeks rather than months, as well as (dare I say) "Audioholics" maybe even "Youthman" as well as reading a review in "Home Cinema Choice".

From what I perceived on this particular podcast, and as two channel sound is important to me, that may well be the one for me to replace my beloved Denon AVCA11XV with as opposed to Denon's AVC-X8500H(A). My main reason for the change, to receive Atmos / DTS:X and to say bye, bye to all those "S" inputs I never used as well as more HDMI connections. The stereo from my present amp is actually very good and as I have (boringly) mentioned before got a great review from Hi-Fi News for its two channel reproduction all those years ago.

In the meantime thanks for an informative podcast guys and I look forward to the next one this coming Sunday. Luv 😘 LT.


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Question: since HDR10+ doesn't appear to be an issue with older HDMI 2.0 sockets as it is compatible with non HDMI 2.1 sources (Older Samsung TVs and 4K Blu Ray Players), why didn't Denon support a firmware update to their older AVRs (X4400H) to allow pass through? As they said themselves they don't keep their products up to date due to physical limitations. This feature appears to have been held back simply to market their new AVRs so they weren't selling them on the 8K features alone?

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