Podcast: LG SN7CY soundbar, Hisense 55U7Q, LG Nano90, Best of the Month, B+W Sigourney Weaver

Phil Hinton

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A weekly roundup of home entertainment technology, movie & TV news.

Topics this week
* LG SN7CY soundbar review
* RIP Joel Schumacher
* Best movies and TV to watch this week from Cas and Tom
* June's best of the month for music, discs, movies and TV shows

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This week's star focus: What are your favourite Sigourney Weaver movies?

Win a copy of A Foreign Affair on Blu-ray. We ask the competition question in this podcast. Once you've heard the question, go to the competition page and answer correctly to have a chance of winning. The competition page is here: Win a copy of A Foreign Affair on Blu-ray The competition closes this Thursday. Good luck!

00:00:00 - Welcome
00:03:22 - Competitions
00:05:24 - Us British talking about the weather. It's been hot!
00:07:54 - RIP Joel Schumacher
00:11:05 - Steve reviewing the LG SN7CY soundbar
00:16:24 - What have you been up to, Cas? Locked down
00:18:43 - Tenet delayed until August and cinema chat
00:24:30 - Welcome, Tom. Our new movie reviewer
00:30:55 - In for review with Phil - Hisense 55U7Q, LG Nano90 65-inch and Panasonic HZ1500
00:39:43 - LG soundbar lineup announced
00:41:24 - Velodyne chat
00:44:27 - Bowers & Wilkins Speaker news and Ed's Vinyl playlist and album of the month
00:57:30 - Best of movies of the month
01:02:00 - Best Blu-ray discs of the month
01:08:15 - Q&A
01:26:36 - Best TV shows of the month
01:32:14 - Best and worst Sigourney Weaver movies
01:42:30 - Thank you and goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Cas Harlow, Ed Selley, Steve Withers and introducing Tom Davies.

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Thanks Gentlemen, another great podcast, & for once I actually caught it live! :)

For the best Sigourney Weaver Movie, I am split evenly on Alien / Aliens / Galaxy Quest.

Choosing between them?

Well F*** Screw that! ;)

And I can strongly recommend "Never Surrender", the Documentary about Galaxy Quest.


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Enjoyed the podcast including the 24fps discussion - thanks everyone

I’d agree it’s a hard call between Aliens or Alien3 for Sigourneys best performance but she was also fantastic in Polanskis Death and the Maiden, half decent thriller that some may not enjoy as it is like watching a play, but cracking performance from her and Ben Kingsley.


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It’s only certain titles at moment, I tried a few marvel titles and they now have Atmos
Edit : Atmos yesterday, back to DD+ today, a few teething issues I assume...
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Not sure what's going on, but both Mandalorian and Rise of the Skywalker will play Atmos on my Shield, sometimes. Sometimes when you start playing you get Atmos, stop it and then it maybe DD+ when you play again, and there's no clear pattern. The Atmos label is back though so it should work.

No Atmos labels on the app in Roku though yet, fingers crossed and all that.


whats the UHD Player that always gets recommended ?
I always think , must make a note and then forget

Jessica Noir

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Great to hear Bill Hunt get a namecheck, any chance getting him on the podcast to discuss the state and future of media? His recent piece on Digital Bits about Kaleidoscape was great.

Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
Further to the podcast, the lovely people at Bandcamp are waiving their fee on purchases this Friday (3rd July), if you want the album of the month- that is to say, whatever you offer for it, that money goes direct to Sault.


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Just over an hour to this week's extravaganza and the exploits of Brad Pitt. So in the meantime I'll feast my eyes on this picture of Sigourney Weaver from Vantage Point:
Sigourney Weaver from Vantage Point.jpg

and then on this one of her still-impressive midriff at the age of around 58 from a minute later in the film:
Sigourney Weaver from Vantage Point ealier.jpg

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