Podcast: LG 48-inch CX OLED, Philips Fidelio X3 Headphones, Next-Gen Gaming, Film News and More...

Phil Hinton

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This week we review the 48-inch version of LG's popular CX OLED TV, designed for smaller rooms and gamers. Plus, Ed looks at the Philips Fidelio X3 headphones and Mark joins us to talk next-gen consoles and more. Plus, Cas will round up the movie & TV show news and reviews.

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:52 - Welcome
00:03:12 - Welcome back Mark! What have you been up to?
00:09:25 - What have you been up to, Cas?
00:12:03 - What have you been up to, Phil?
00:13:54 - What have you been up to, Ed?
00:17:55 - Competitions
00:19:50 - PS5 or Xbox Series X? Mark has decided. Both. But which first and why?
00:29:26 - Philips Fidelio X3 Headphones review
00:38:25 - Please support us
00:39:40 - 48" LG CX OLED TV review
00:51:00 - Q&A
01:00:50 - RIP Eddie Van Halen
01:04:19 - Rocks (Netflix) movie review
01:05:05 - Blumhouse movies (Amazon). The Lie review
01:06:15 - Hubie Halloween (Netflix) review
01:12:10 - Cineworld closing all UK cinemas
01:23:36 - Ed's music choice of the week - Working Men's Club
01:25:16 - 4K UHD Blu-ray releases coming. Some nice ones in Europe but not the UK?!
01:31:40 - Podcast exclusive competition
01:32:40 - Thank you and goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Cas Harlow, Ed Selley and Mark Botwright.

The exclusive competition for podcast listeners: Win a Sony Blu-ray Bundle (Greed and A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood). We'll ask the competition question in the podcast. Select your answer in the competition here: avforums.com/competitions

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sorry, i just have to....


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With regards to Mark's 12 month Gamepass statement you can have up to 36 months of Xbox service "in hand". So the wise move is to buy 36 months of Gold and then convert it to 36 months of Gamepass Ultimate for a £1.


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Thanks @Ed Selley for your thoughts on the X3s. Looking forward to your full review, but I think you have already convinced me :)

Toon Army

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Thanks folks and especially looking forward to the LG OLED review. We don't want the TV to dominate the living room and for once the lack of 6/7 inches makes a big difference in keeping SWMBO happy. If Panasonic went down a similar route, it would be a straight forward shoot out.


Thanks for Podcast. I am guessing the 48 inch oled is very exciting for Gamers as it will fit on the Computer Desk.


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Super show as always, good to see Mark back.

Gaming - have rediscovered the joy of my PS4 by buying and selling slightly older games on eBay (Jedi Fallen Order, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 5). All less than £20, and can resell for same as I paid. Digital versions still at £35+. Gonna have to be a disc version of PS5 when I eventually take the plunge.

Cinemas - Cineworld closing/being sold was probably going to happen at some point, as I believe they were in quite a perilous debt situation before COVID. Sadder thing is the Picturehouse cinemas they own (who are smaller and less reliant on Bond/Marvel blockbusters) are going too, making smaller indy films less accessible.


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I missed the "live" poddy but have just listened to the recording, so nobody had to put up with my pithy comments on this occasion. I still haven't gone back to work yet as the London cab trade has really been hit hard by this awful pandemic. In these uncertain and surreal times there are winners and losers, and the London taxi trade (as with others, we're not the only ones) are definitely losers. It is what it is. :thumbsdow At least nobody I love and know has suffered from Covid-19 and have their health which is the main thing. Hopefully that includes all those on this forum and their families. 👍

Ok onto the poddy. Phil, regarding Mitsubish TV's. The largest screen size they made when they were manufacturing CRT TV's went up to 37". I had their 33 incher and the rear of the television went back about three feet, so heaven knows how far the 37" version went back. :eek: It was very reliable and I had it for approx nineteen years (admittedly the last year was questionable on its picture quality) but Mitsubishi gave up on producing domestic TV's when plasma and LCD displays started coming out citing market forces. Also if my memory serves me correctly I think that Grundig made a 40" CRT. They were all 4:3 by the way as this was well before 16:9 CRT's appeared before the other display types.

Although I very much doubt if I would (or could) buy one, I am looking forward to the review of the "Denon" AVC 110 based on their 8500 model, as well as the Marantz SR7015 I believe Count "W" is reviewing, although my eyes are on the SR8015. By the way as with others on these forums I noticed the 8500 shot back up to its original £3.5k from around the £2.5k mark when the 110 was announced. 🤔 🧐.
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Great podcast as usual. Good to see Mark again 👍

I'm one of those people who will be buying and using the 48" Oled as a gaming monitor for my PC (and later on PS5). I love having a large screen for my type of games (mostly FPS/Adventure games such as, Dying light, Metro Exodus and such). But i think for competitive titles like Fortnite and CS:Go, there's to much screen to keep an eye on if used as a PC monitor.
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Podcast description on iTunes says 7th September, rather than October...


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Caught up with the rest of the Podcast just now. Thanks for another great one! Gas Lighting - my Great Aunt had that in her house in Cardiff - I remember the hiss!

@Ed Selley thanks for mentioning the Live Music Scene. Been working in it for 40 years. I think many people forget what "makes" a Live Event happen. I could go on for ages but this says it all I believe. Sorry if it bothers anyone, but you can imagine it is a big thing for me & all my friends in the Business



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Surprised no one mentioned "The Third Day", especially that amazing 12 hour (very dangerous) live event filmed on Osea in Essex. Maybe it will surface again somewhere on TV, or even a 4K disc.. I wish.
The best TV I have seen in Eons. It's not for those who are weaned on 3 second jump-cuts - or 2 in the case of adverts, though ! ( And the photography was state of the art, too. ) The 12 hours was filmed almost in a single take. I think there were about 3 or 4 cuts during the whole shoot, not forgetting cleaning muck off the lenses and the camera man abandoning it at one point ! Amazing stuff ! Jude Law deserves a medal for his agonies, too. No fakery there... 12 hours with not a single advert.. The ominous black clouds and rain played a big part, too, near the end.
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Jessica Noir

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If you want to see Heat in 4K @Casimir Harlow, you might need to bite the bullet and go digital. It's on iTunes in lovely 4K.

Agree with @JH4, the live episode of The Third Day was hypnotic. My wife and kid thought I was nuts, but I really wanted to see Jude Law dig a hole in pissing down rain in real time.


@Ed Selley...don't expect your son to grow out of the Titanic obsession, mine is 13 years old and has been into it since he was 6 ....we went to Belfast for the day from London 4 weeks ago to go to the museum and see where it was built................was an amazing trip, the dry dock was awesome


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I’ll be honest. Since moving to Wednesday I’ve missed every one 😢
How’s it working out on Wednesday’s with viewers?
Is it just me....😳

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