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Steve Withers

On a slightly controversial point so please excuse me. The actress playing Larusso’s Wife is completely out of his League. Makes us dislike his Character even more.
That's a bit harsh on Ralph Macchio, I mean he looks damn good for 59!


My prediction for next Series is Daniel and Johnny become friends and partner up to fight against John Kresse with his Cobra Kai.

And Mr Miyagi’s Son is a Character, perhaps the guy Daniel met on the Beach.

i think Paul Walter Hauser is a hilarious Actor and needs to be the next Will Ferrill. Just my opinion on Comedy acting. Hardest thing to do.

Steve Withers

Well the end of season two teases the return of a significant character from the first film, which has me excited. I read that there are plans for Daniel to return to Okinawa, thus allowing the love interest and villain from The Karate Kid Part II to join the fun. I believe there are also plans to bring back the other villain from The Karate Kid Part III. Hopefully Chad McQueen can find time to make an appearance, it's a real shame he wasn't on the road trip with Johnny and his mates from the first film. Hell they should get Hilary Swank involved as well, after all she was The Next Karate Kid.


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With regards to iTunes upscaling movies the ones I own have generally been upgraded however I am starting to notice some are not.

The two I see are "Jaws", which here in Ireland is still only in HD, and "The Goonies", which is now available for me to buy again in 4K/DV, even though I own the HD version.

There does seem to be something strange with their versions, as I see "Arrival" available for me to buy in 4K/DV, even though I actually own it already in the same quality.

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