Podcast: Cleer Audio soundbar + HiFi Rose Streamer Reviews & Movie/TV Show talk (23/06/21)

Phil Hinton

Staff member
This week we talk about AV, Ed reviews a streamer from HiFi Rose, Greg has a Cleer Audio soundbar review and Tom rounds up the movie and TV Show news and reviews.

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Cas Harlow, Greg Hook and Ed Selley.

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:25 - Welcome
00:12:07 - Current competitions
00:16:15 - Hi-Fi Rose RS201E streamer review
00:32:10 - Cleer Audio Crescent Smart Audio speaker review
00:42:00 - Ed's album of the week
00:48:30 - Disney+ Luca movie review
00:54:20 - Disney+ Loki TV show review
00:59:00 - Disney+ Star Wars: The Bad Batch TV show review
01:00:36 - Disney+ Marvel's MODOK TV show review
01:01:44 - More recommendations for TV viewing
01:07:53 - F9 Fast and Furious franchise chat
01:14:52 - Podcast competition

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Nice short one guys (yes yes insert funny joke here) :laugh:

That Hifi Rose streamer/amp sounds very interesting and its not that expensive.

And grats on the car @Phil Hinton , looks awesome. I (we, its my wifes new car) too got a new car. Although it's in the opposite spectrum of cars. Seat Mii Electric, 82bhp all electric. Not as fast as a Mustang, but still very fun to drive. Got almost as much torque as my 125bhp Ford Fiesta, but its available all the time. Really addictive.
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Thanks for another great Podcast Gentlemen! Missed it live as was watching the Footy!

Jessica Noir

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Listening to Tom's review of Luca, is Luca a Pixar remake of Call Me By Your Name?


Active Member
Weirdly, there are more than a couple of similarities!

Thankfully no Arnie Hammer tho.

Bo Burnham’s Inside is sensationally good. I understand that it will not be to everyone’s tastes, but I still reckon everyone should watch it. I hate when people describe things as being “IMPORTANT” but I reckon it is, a very cathartic journey through the lockdown we all suffered. Really gets in to the difference between wishing something would end, and wishing something had never happened at all. There are also hilarious gags, some vicious satirical songs, and generally an incredible talent forced to work within the strictest confines and creating pure magic.


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Loving the car @Phil Hinton. Brave colour choice, only a few cars can pull off a bright yellow paint job. Lambo, C7 but not much else.

Luca sounds like it's worth a watch, but y'all crazy for the Fast and Furious love. I cannot sit through a single one. The first was technically full of engine codswallop; the car adviser on-set has a YT video that showed them ignoring all his advice and just using the fancy names all strung together.

Then the rest are just codswallop from beginning to end. Fair play to them for owning the codswallop and $6bn shows my lack of payment hasn't made a dent in profits lol. But no matter how bad, if I was forced to watch only FAF or Transformers, bring on the vehicle shark building jumping
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