Podcast: CES '22 TV Announcement Round-up, Plus, Most Anticipated Movies of 2022 and More...

Phil Hinton

Staff member
The podcast returns in a new extended edition featuring TV, home cinema and Hi-Fi news, plus album, playlist and vinyl choices of the week and the movies team round up the podcast with their picks for 2022 and more...

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Julian Scott, Andy Bassett, Cas Harlow, Tom Davies and Mark Costello

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:15 - Welcome to the new look podcast
00:02:47 - Introducing Ed, Jules and Andy
00:06:48 - CES TV Announcement round-up
00:44:25 - Ed's Album, Vinyl and Playlist choices of the week
00:50:06 - Introducing the movies team - Tom, Cas and Mark
00:52:20 - Any films to catch up with since we were last here?
00:56:44 - Top 20 Most Anticipated Films of 2022
01:09:53 - Sundance Festival round-up
01:18:55 - 4K Blu-ray disc news
01:25:40 - This week's 4K disc releases
01:28:39 - Upcoming streaming releases
01:36:34 - How are we getting on with Boba Fett?
01:41:47 - What have we been watching?
01:48:44 - Current Competitions
01:52:11 - Thanks for listening...

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Toon Army

Well-known Member
Welcome back folks ( inc Ed's cat ) and look forward to hearing from the new team members. I've only watched the first 20 mins and it looks like you've upped your game.


Well-known Member
Glad to have you guys back.
I didn't realise Steve was leaving and I'll be honest, I didn't realise I would be this sad. Thanks for all the years of entertainment Steve, all the best for the future.


Active Member
Nice to have the podcast back :) And welcome to the new teammembers!!

I'm sad to see Steve leave the team, but i can respect his decision.

Love the movie teams banter , entertaining as usual!!

Now lets have the quote intro back :thumbsup:

Jessica Noir

Well-known Member
Great to have the podcast back and loving the new format and voices. What happened to Steve? Did his telescope finally get him busted by his neighbours? Very sorry to hear that he's leaving. Cracking reviews and was a fantastic podcaster.

Totally agree with Tom about the lack of excitement about the Avatar sequels. Nathan Rabin wrote a great article about the lack of cultural footprint for such a massive film which dives into why. While I'm sure the film will take all the money, I can't help but feel that Disney will be using it as a theme park commercial at this rate.


Well-known Member
Why is this major news about new QD-OLED not on my home page here?

None of panels on my home page show it. And no way to load more "older" stories on homepage... it just stops after so many boxes!?? Is there a "load older" somewhere?

I had to literally do a search and eventually found what I was looking for: Samsung unveils QD-Display: The Quantum Dot meets OLED TV display

Also where is Steve gone! Sorry he's gone. He will be missed badly.

Phil Hinton

Staff member
Why is this major news about new QD-OLED not on my home page here?

None of panels on my home page show it. And no way to load more "older" stories on homepage... it just stops after so many boxes!?? Is there a "load older" somewhere?

I had to literally do a search and eventually found what I was looking for: Samsung unveils QD-Display: The Quantum Dot meets OLED TV display

Also where is Steve gone! Sorry he's gone. He will be missed badly.
There is a bug with the editorial pages not showing load more. This is being fixed now, thanks for raising the issue.


Active Member
Sad to see Steve step aside I wish him well in whatever he chooses to do next. On the positive side some new faces with their own skills, experiences and opinions to share. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them throughout the new podcast format.


Active Member
Great to have the podcast back, looking forward to a great year of AV chat. Sorry to see Steve step back but he’s been a brilliant voice on the podcast and his work on the site will be missed, I wish him all the best for the future.

Having said that, having new faces/voices on the podcast will surely be a good thing and it was great to hear Jules, who did an awesome job calibrating my CX back in October 👍🏼


Well-known Member
Enjoyed the new show, having missed the podcast for a few months mainly due to a lack of my own AV activity. I've upgraded to a 4K OLED after over 15 happy years with my Panasonic 720p plasma - and suddenly i'm excited about all things AV again :clap:.

Very sorry to see @Steve Withers step away from podcasting. I've enjoyed his AV input as well as the general life banter (as well as the reviews on the site). I'll forever associate him with The Vietnam War documentary, since he recommended it and its one of my favourite documentaries of all time.

Looking forward to more content from the team in 2022 :thumbsup:



Distinguished Member
Excellent Podcast, & great fun (Especially team Movies - always great banter there.
I too am sorry to see Steve leave as I've always enjoyed his content & great sense of humour. I wish him all the best.


Distinguished Member
Great podcast, enjoyed the new setup allowing each subject expert time to discuss, more condensed pod but providing lots of info.
Great to see new members to the team on camera, very good idea getting Jules onboard to provide an on the ground perspective (maybe get some grading suite friends onboard for a special pod one day).
He knows his apples, did a great job with my C9.

UHD disc wise, I’ve preordered The Godfather tat edition, can’t wait for it. I like the idea of a Drive tat edition with mini Scorpion bomber jacket Cas!

As mentioned by others, sad to see Steve go, being a long time member, does feel like one of the family departing. I’ll miss your frank and amusing comments, never mind your thorough reviews, good luck with your next adventure!


Well-known Member
I like this format. Phil sounds excellent as uses a really good Mic.

Had to turn volume to 0 every time Andy Bassett was on due to the awful Mic. Nice to put a face to a name. Shame about audio.


Active Member
Excellent Podcast - good to see the new format, works well with the new team! Looking forward to seeing more through the year.

As mentioned before - sad to see Steve going, will miss the humour & dynamic with the older team & of-course the reviews! It has helped me spend more than a few pounds over the years... ;). All the best in whatever comes next Steve.
Last edited:


Well-known Member
Gutted that Steve has left, really enjoyed his input - good luck Steve with whatever you're doing. Won't be the same and really end of an era.
Only listened to first 15 minutes yet, I'll be listening tomorrow. Fingers crossed the content is good and it's not all about TV's


Standard Member
Sad to hear Steve has left the building he had a great sense of humour as well as good taste and knowledge.

But hey, the new (and remaining) chaps seem good too - the best of luck going forward 👍

Toon Army

Well-known Member
Finally finished this edition and thoroughly enjoyed it. The new format works well, albeit Steve will be missed for his knowledge, humour and grumpiness. Hopefully you will re-introduce the traditional " so what have you been up to since we last spoke? " That section used to provide some humour and also teased out a few other issues of interest.

Phil - Will you use the 2022 schedule thread to announce forthcoming special editions?



Well-known Member
Thanks for the podcast guys.
Not sure about the new format yet though I am still not on board with the video format yet, listening as a podcast when I am exercising. Maybe one day I will get in the video age.

I also used to enjoyed listening to what you have all been up to during the week. I know a lot of it was off topic such as cars etc but as a similar aged man we all have our other boys toys.
I can understand why it has been done as it means that the hardware guys dont have to sit there listening to the madia section and vice versa.

I will echo what the other have said regarding Steve. I will really miss him especially for the rants over the injustices of the av world. His hardware reviews have cost me a fortune over the years and I also enjoyed his insights in the movie section.

I have been a listener since day one and have seen a few great people leave and have seen the formats change. You always seem to replace them with other great people though and I enjoyed the section talking about the obscure films that I would have not spotted myself.

I also miss the gaming podcast and was sad to see that finish so was wondering if you had plans to have special appearances by the gaming experts on the forum.

Keep up the great work. :thumbsup:


Distinguished Member
Shocking news about Steve, but I did get the sense he was getting tired sometimes. I think he just wants to sit in his home cinema.

I do love a feature-length podcast

@Canary_Jules calibrated my Samsung JS9000 before went in the bin, very knowledgeable, and I can't wait to hear more from him.

Hope the "what have you been up to" intro makes a return and as mentioned a return of some game talk would be great.


Well-known Member
It's very good to welcome to AVForums the ace calibrator Dr Julian Scott, of whom I have heard a great deal, nearly all positive (the only negative note being his dodgy choice of football team, boom-boom!). But the departure of Mr Steve Withers and his vast technical knowledge and quirky personality is a severe loss.


Well-known Member
Very sorry to hear Steve has stopped doing the podcast, he was fantastic.


Distinguished Member
Sir Withers, I thank you for your service. Don't go too far away.

I've found Boba Fett to be somewhat hard work but I still look forward to watching it each week. It's not as much fun as I expected, and I cant be the only one who's finding that Boba's teeth are bit bright looking...

Episode #5 I thought was superb, but we should call it for what it is... a Mando episode spliced in. It just highlighted where Mando was grade A / the 'good stuff' Star Wars, and Boba's trying a bit hard and more often than not missing the mark, not by miles - but Mando set the bar so high it just feels like it's playing 2nd fiddle currently.

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