Podcast: CES 2021 Special - Sony, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, TCL and Hisense TV news and more... (12/01/21)

Phil Hinton

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is it me or is it essentially the same as the ITV/CH4 documentary?
There was a three-part documentary on the BBC earlier last year which is very similar and features many of the same or similar interviews and interviewees, but it has a slightly different focus to the Netflix doc. I just looked and it is currently unavailable on iPlayer, sadly BBC Four - The Yorkshire Ripper Files: A Very British Crime Story

Both are very good.


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Great podcast guys, annoyed I missed the live one but was a good listen on the way to work the next day.

I’ll be very interested once the hands on start, to see how the Panasonic / Sony / LG flagship 4K units compare.
Are Sony using the same process as Panasonic (heat sink). LG using the new LGD panel (doesn’t appear to be a heat sink, more a new panel process and if so, will the other manufacturers start using them in 2022, including the LG C2). Are Panasonic using the same tech as 2020 (panel wise) or are they using an evo panel along with their heat sink to guarantee highest HDR brightness ...so many questions :) looking forward to finding out in April > (unless they tell you a bit more when the UK models launch).

Steve Withers

For those (like Ed) who “enjoyed” the Yorkshire Ripper series on Netflix, there’s a new one about Richard Ramirez called Night Stalker. Subject matter is pretty grim again, but interviews with lots of people involved in the case, really good.
Night Stalker is excellent, I binged it last night. The yanks do serial killers better than anyone!


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I want to listen to the podcast, but I don't want to listen to the podcast.

I bought a Sony A8 OLED in November. But I love shiny new and improved ... so if I listen I'll just want a new tv. However, I'm a civil servant and not a premier league footballer :(.

Damn you AVF.


Miss the interviews with TV reps we usually get at CES, to find out more about the new sets.

Wonder if AV Forums can interview them via video for this year.

Phil Hinton

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Miss the interviews with TV reps we usually get at CES, to find out more about the new sets.

Wonder if AV Forums can interview them via video for this year.
I'm looking at how we may introduce some one-off live streams with manufacturers going forward this year.

Toon Army

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Thanks gents for a comprehensive round up of CES 2021.

Based on all the hype in the press releases, which screen are you most excited about reviewing?
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Glad to hear that Sony TV’s are moving to a purpose made OS and DV is TV LED on them.

by the way my Sony AF9 does have most streaming Apps to include Disney+, NowTV with boost, AppleTV+ and iTunes.

Please could Phil/Steve ask Gavin if Google TV is planned to be rolled out to pre 2021 Sony UK models?

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