Podcast: Best Home AV Products of 2020, B&W 705 Sig Review + Film & TV show news reviews and more...(18/11/20)

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This week Steve and Phil discuss the winners of the Best Home AV products of 2020 in our Editor's Choice Awards. Plus, Ed reviews the Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature Loudspeakers along with Cas' round-up of the film and TV show news and reviews.

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Ed Selley and Cas Harlow.

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00:00:22 - Welcome
00:03:33 - What have you been doing this week, Ed? Slow cooked beef chilli
00:05:00 - What have you been doing this week, Steve? Watching telly. A lot
00:08:55 - What have you been doing this week, Cas? Diwali
00:14:26 - What have you been doing this week, Phil? Gone with Twister Orange
00:20:00 - Q&A
00:25:14 - Competitions
00:29:42 - Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature speakers review
00:37:20 - AVForums 2020 Editor's Choice Awards for Home AV
00:39:20 - Best Soundbar Under £600 – Vizio SB36512-F6
00:40:13 - Best Soundbar £600 to £1,000 – JBL BAR 9.1
00:41:10 - Best Soundbar £1,000 to £1,500 – LG SN11RG
00:43:15 - Best Soundbar Over £1,500 – Samsung HW-Q950T
00:44:50 - Best Immersive Audio Soundbar – Samsung HW-Q950T
00:46:30 - Best Lifestyle Soundbar – Samsung HW-S60T
00:46:58 - Best Gaming Soundbar – Sharp HT-SBW800
00:47:55 - Best Value Subwoofer – SVS SB-2000 Pro
00:48:40 - Best Subwoofer Solution – SVS PC-2000 Pro
00:51:00 - Best Home Cinema Subwoofer – Power Sound Audio S1512
00:52:26 - Best High-End Subwoofer – REL S/812
00:53:50 - Best Value Home Cinema Speakers – Polk Signature E
00:54:32 - Best Home Cinema Speakers Under £3,000 – Acoustic Energy AE300
00:55:19 - Best Home Cinema Speakers £3,000 to £5,000 – MK Sound LCR750
00:57:50 - Best High-End Home Cinema Speakers – Paradigm Persona
01:00:55 - Best TV Upgrade – MediaLight Mk2 Flex
01:02:13 - Best PVR – Manhattan T3-R
01:02:55 - Best AV Power Amplifier – Yamaha MX-A5200
01:03:49 - Best AV Processor Under £5,000 – Yamaha CX-A5200
01:05:18 - Best AV Processor £5,000 to £10,000 – Lyngdorf MP-40
01:08:28 - Best High-End AV Processor – Lyngdorf MP-60
01:09:54 - Best AV Amplifier Under £2,000 – Marantz SR7015
01:10:34 - Best AV Receiver £2,000 to £4,000 – NAD T 778
01:13:50 - Best AV Receiver £4,000 to £10,0000 – Arcam AVR30
01:14:52 - Best High-End AV Amplifier – Focal Astral 16
01:16:20 - JVC Projector firmware was updated. Our thoughts
01:24:20 - Ed's album of the week: Stats - Powys 1999
01:26:00 - Cas' movie & Blu-ray reviews
01:26:35 - Total Recall
01:29:00 - Alone
01:29:33 - Greenland
01:33:05 - Agents of Shield
01:34:00 - Andy's coming soon lists
01:35:40 - The Grand Tour and YouTube car channels
01:40:26 - The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special
01:41:17 - What do you guys think of The Mandalorian?
01:43:56 - Podcast Competition
01:44:44 - Thanks and Goodbyes

The exclusive competition for podcast listeners: Win a copy of The Hard Way on HMV-exclusive Blu-ray Steelbook We'll ask the competition question in the podcast. Select your answer in the competition here: Competitions

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Thanks for a great start to my Thursday :) (Couldn't listen live last night).


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WHAT!!!?? Only three HDMI inputs, how dare you :D

Excellent poddy as asual!


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Highly recommend Philips 43PUS8505 for whoever was asking.

Direct LED, great picture, all flavours of HDR, Android works well. Only missing NOW TV for streaming.


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Late brake show is fantastic and yeah the Chris Harris interview is amazing. Would love to hear Chris secretly divulge the behind the scenes stuff that went on with Chris Evans. Great to hear his thoughts on taking the Top Gear gig. I mean, yeah I suppose you gotta do it, but this last series, apart from a few moments was utter $%^& and when Chris Harris driving an RS6 becomes the worst review he's ever done (made worse by the Lancashire one showing up), oh dear. Though I did have tears of laughter looking at him in the car, looking like a little boy who stole his dads RS6.

Harry's garage is my go to channel for car reviews, so The Grand Tour doing what they are doing is fine for me. OK I'll miss reviews like the Lexus LFA and Ferrari F12.

Goonzquad is a fine restoration channel too.

Your right about Shmee, there's no excitement to his next purchase, more of just expectation but I don't mind. None of us is going to able to afford a super car, but I still want to know about them. And fare's fare, he blew SSC's record attempt into pieces.
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Toon Army

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Thanks gents - I am intrigued by Ed's comments about the new LS50 Metas as they have received glowing reviews to date unless I have missed something.


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Excellent as always, though I have to ask if the Nov -> Nov cycle of the Editors Choice awards ever leaves you wishing a product from a previous year could have stayed on the list? ... Basically when you know that the products you reviewed this year weren't quite as good as a product from a previous year? and if so what is one / are some that have held up really well?

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