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Dec 5, 2005
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Upper Heyford
Has anyone tried this Blu-ray remote control app yet?

I imported a copy of Tim Burton's 9 and watched it last night and saw on the back it had Pocket Blu, "a revolutionary way of interacting with your movie via your iPhone or iPod Touch" their words and not mine ;)

I downloaded it from the app store and basically if you are like me and have a PS3, but don't have a remote control it really is a nice little remote control for your PS3 making navigation easier. On top of that once the app sees you have the film, it automatically unlocks the extras, so you can watch them on the road.

It looks as though it is going to become a standard on Universal discs as I can see about another dozen films in the content menu which is all locked.

It would be great if this app could be spread out to other film studios, as I don't really fancy a separate app for each studio.
Have downloaded it but not got any of the movies that have the features... will give it a shot when i do.
I used it when watching 9 also, thought it was very cool.
I have an IR-BT dongle on my PS3 so I don't technically need it for remote duties, but it did have a nice interface, much better than using IR.

As you say, shame it isn't standard though!
So I put in Inglorious Basterds last night and it advertised this app. I thought why not and downloaded.

It works brilliantly!

I don't understand though why it will only work on certain films. Why can there not be a general app that works this way connecting to my PS3 via my wifi network to just control it.

Or is there such an app?


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