PMC Wafer 1 - where can I find reviews / opinions?


I need to get a neat speaker set-up to please the wife :)

I currently have B&W DM 601 / 602 + centre. We are having the lounge redecorated, new floor etc, and I've been told that they've got to go!

I was initially tempted by the B&W M1's but I've heard them and they're no good. The dealer suggested stretching to the XT series and having XT4 fronts, XT2 rears etc. However, they are being updated at the moment so they don't have any in stock. I probably could get away with front floor-standers if they are relatively compact.

So I emailed around local dealers and another has suggested PMC Wafer's (and a REL Sub). They are quite a few miles away, so before I jump in the car and go and look at them I thought I would try and find some reviews. But can't really see much on google.

Anyone any comments / advice / reviews etc?


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I've got 4 Wafer 2s as rears which partner IB2s across the front and a Rel Stentor 3.

The IBs are bloody enormous things, loads of bass extension and used in studios the world over and the Wafers are a perfect match to them - the sound moves seemlessly across all speakers.

Now I know this is not the setup you're looking at, but my point being if the Wafers can hold their own with the likes of the IBs (and larger speakers) then they are definately worth an audition as fronts.

I would definately look at the Wafer 2s as well as the Wafers 1, although from what you say, size will play a part - but the 2s are not big boxes at all.

With a decent Rel sub, they'll certainly impress against your 601's and make the M1s sound like a tranny radio in a soggy cardboard box.



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The PMC Wafer speakers are fabulous speakers and sound far better than their dimensions might suggest.

Similarly to Mark, I use a pair of Wafer 2s are rear speakers alongside a pair of PMC OB1i (soon to be PB1is) a PMC CB6i and a REL Stentor 3 Subwoofer. The whole combination sounds absolutely sublime.

The Wafer 1s are obviously smaller and less expensive than the Wafer 2s but they have similar characteristics. I would highly recommend getting a demo of both if possible and potential funds allow.

If I were to suggest an ideal sytem then I would look at 3 Wafer 2s for the front three speakers and either 2 or 4 Wafer 1s for the surrounds. I would finish this system of with a REL B1 or B2 subwoofer or if you can stretch a Stentor 3 like myself. Without even having heard that exact combination myself, I can tell you it would sound the 'Dog's Danglies'.

I have a copy of the Hi-Fi Choice review of the Wafer 2s which you can read here:

Hi-Fi Choice PMC Wafer 2 Review
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The wafer's look really strange in the pictures on the web. It might be that they look "too" flat if that's possible.

I must say I'm much more enthusiastic about them now I've read your comments...

I am being massively upsold here... ;-) But you can't take it with you, right?

Best wishes


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I use Wafer 1IW as rears, mounted in the ceiling. I also have a Wafer 1 as a centre channel, as I initially wanted to do my whole set up as low key as possible, using the three on walls at the front.

The sound from the on wall units as a front stage defies any description and you really must try them at home, these are a bit special. However, I ended up opting to install my GB1 Signatures in Bi amp config for fronts instead of going for the Wafer 1 on walls, just to get a bit more stereo presence. I have yet to find a sub that will make the final install.

I did not go with the Wafer 2 simply because it would not fit in between the ceiling joists. I tried both Wafer 1&2 in my own home against full B&W FPM 4/5 set up, An Artcoustic Diablo set up I used to own, and a couple of cheaper Sonnace and KEF products.

I think the PMC Wafer products are head and shoulders above many £1500-£2000 cinema packages, and they have to be one of the best production custom install monitors around. Don't be put off by the pictures, they are exquisite in the flesh.


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You probably got the opinions of the two biggest exponents of PMC on here.

But for good reason.

To take a quote direct from the PMC website - "They're **** Brilliant"

And I totally agree - you're a long time dead.... :)

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Ok, you've convinced me to and take a look :)

I think I'll do a recce without the wife first so she doesn't hear the price ;-)

Best wishes


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I'm a big PMC fan myself and it took two years of on and off searching until I finally found something capable of replacing my AE109 floorstanders that was compact, yet still sound great: My PMC DB1+ bookshelf speakers. I understand that the Wafer 1s are a slimmer version of my DB1+ bookshelves, so if they sound anything like the same I can highly recommend them.

I've had my eyes on an ex demo pair of Wafer 1s to use as surrounds, but at £850 they really are more money than I need to spend as I already have pretty good surrounds in the form of M&K K4 (tripole for side surrounds) and K5 (monopole rears). Maybe if you buy these (or someone else reading this thread) it will take temptation away from me. :D

Audio-T clearance custom on wall speakers

Silver ones £850 and black ones £929, if they are still available.

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