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PMC GB1i to FB1i - room size

pete s

Active Member
I have a pair of PMC GB1i being fed from my Roksan Caspian M1 CD and amp sited in my lounge, which is approximately 4m x 5m. I am very impressed by the GB1is, but feel they are slightly lacking when playing at low volumes, which accounts for a fair proportion of my listening.

When i bought the GBs I also demo'd some FB1is, which were also very impressive, but at the time I felt the smaller size of the GBs would be more appropriate for my room. Now I am wondering if I should have opted for the FBs.

Am I likely to find the sound from the FBs too 'big' for my listening room? I have heard them myself, but what are opinions about the upgrade in terms of value for money? I am looking at ex-demo FB1is.


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Hi Pete,

I had a set of FB1s until recently. They were used in one half of a through lounge, which measures approximately 4m by 8m in total.
They had no problem filling the room with sound & were very capable of giving a very linear listening response at low levels. And I think it is in the linearity where you would find gains over the GB1s.
I never found myself in a position where I felt I was lacking detail or missing anything in particular when listening at low levels.



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Hi Pete

I have OB1i's in a room about the same size as yours and find them not to bass heavy, so I am sure FB's would be absolutely fine, you might want to cut out the middle step and go OB's???



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Hi Pete.

Just to reiterate what the guys have already said, the FB's will be perfect in your room, I had EB's and MB's in a room that many would consider far too small and they sounded amazing so you will be very happy with FB's, not as happy as you would be with OB's though ;)


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I question whether upgrading to a higher end PMC model is the answer here.

During the demo, did you listen for a significant time at low levels or did you listen mainly at moderate or high level? And what exactly do you find lacking at low volume? (If you find just the bass lacking then ignore the rest of my post because it doesn't apply!)

Reason I ask is that, to my ears, passive speakers tend to lack immediacy/verve/impact especially (but not only) at low volumes. A good true active design excells at all levels of audio reproduction. I suspect this is not really about linear frequency response but more about micro and macro dynamics, detail resolution and the impression of transparency. Read what avforums own pro reviewer thinks... (an excert from a Genelec active speaker review on this site)

I use active speakers in my reference system, I have done for the last 5 years and have not felt the need to go back to passive designs, mainly because I have a speaker that does everything so well and never runs out of steam during the most dynamic parts of a movie soundtrack, so you can say from the start that I am used to the active monitor and its plus points.

Like him, me and others, I just wonder if you've 'outgrown' passives?

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