Plz help with lan-wlan network bridge


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Hi all, I tried posting this in the Network section originally in the hope that some network guru would be able to help but no1 has replied.

Here's the deal - I have my Xbox connected via crossover cable to my desktop PC which then uses a wireless lan to connect to my router/modem. I can access xbox live if I simply enable internet connection sharing on the wlan but the xbox indicates a strict NAT (attempts to forward the correct ports to my PC haven't fixed this) so now I'm trying to bridge the wlan and lan in an attempt to let my router see the xbox directly so that I can forward the ports straight to it (instead of the PC). The problem is, whenever I enable the bridge my wlan disconnects and won't reconnect until I remove the bridge! If I manually assign the ip settings of the bridge, the wlan appears to reconnect but I have no access to the internet and I can't even access the router configuration page. I've read countless number of guides/posts about setting up this kind of bridge but none of them even hint at the possibility that there might be issues getting the bridge to work.

Anyone know what the hell I'm doing wrong here?


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Not entirely sure on this one..

My first thought would be Windows Firewall blocking the ICS. Make sure windows lets the 360 talk to the internet.

So you need the XBL ports open on the router to the PC, and the XBL ports open from the PC to the xbox.

Like I say though, not entirely sure if this is the issue, but it's something I'd certainly try.

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