Plz help out an LCD retard...


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Hi all,

I've decided to sel my old CRT and jump on the LCD bandwagon.

Now, before I do, please clarify a few things for me:

The Samsung LW-32A23W: is this thing ready for hi-def tv?

in other words, can I buy this set without feeling screwed in a year or two?

The sharp lv-30hv4: should i wait for the 32" to come out, or is the a better tv, as per the specs?

Or is there awhole other LCD that I should have a look at?

Thanks a lot guys.



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Not sure about the Samsung but the 30" Sharp is basically a 32"! Ie the visible screen size on a 30" LCD is same as a 32" CRT.

I have the Phillips 30" LCD and on the whole i'm very happy with it. The picture quality does vary from above average to excellent depending on signal strength and of course DVD quality is always superb!

I guess it depends on your price range too! The phillips is hovering around the 2k mark and the Sharp is not much more! I guess these 2 models, Sony and Samsung are worth a look!

richard plumb

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I'd agree with stacker. The philips will take 1080i if it ever turns up, and I assume that the sharp does too (but worth checking)

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