PLVZ2 scart - dvi cable details

dean randle

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After emailing Sanyo UK, and Ivojo for the details of the Sanyo produced scart to dvi cable for the PLVZ2 (POA-CA-DVISC0, I got the following reply:
We can order the lead in from Sanyo but it's quite expensive. Cost including VAT and delivery is £63.45 :eek: . Lead time would be 3-5 working days.
There's probably a cable produced elsewhere, but just thought it might answer anyone else's curiosity about this cable -especially as it has the highest score in the pj poll!



I bought one of these RGB = DVI cables through my local hifi store. After a good deal of investigating, they had to order it in especially. It actually cost me £80, but it was worth it. I have it plugged into my playstation and Xbox and the results are very impressive. :clap:


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You can use the older POA-CA-SCART (Scart to 15 pin) and a simple DVI-VGA adaptor. Should be a little easier to get hold of, and cheaper too (about 40 quid IIRC).

Or make your own Scart to 15pin if you can work out which pins Sanyo have used...
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