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PLV-Z3 Pixel problem - Update

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Meddy, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Meddy

    Active Member

    Apr 24, 2005
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    Further to my pixel problem, I sent the unit back
    on Tuesday 26th and they had a look the following
    day and determined that it was faulty and so
    ordered a new one which arrrived yesterday 29th.
    So, did i have problems with this one?
    Well.... sort of.

    When I connect my PC to it there is no tinting
    from the left to the right. It's as it should be.
    However, when I connect my Philips DVP 630 via
    the component connection I still see a tint from
    left to right when I turn the colour setting all
    the way down so that the picture is B&W but it's
    more subtle than before and when watching DVD's
    in colour it's hard to notice it.

    Component #2 input and S-Video input all give a
    slight tint that I can live with. If I turn the
    gamma setting all the way up the tint disappears.

    Bear in mind though that that my
    Component, S-Video, and Video source is my
    Philips DVP630. I haven't tried another source.

    But this payer displays fine on my LCD TV so....
    who knows.

    I haven't tried the HDMI input though.

    When I go right up to the screen and I display a
    static bluish colour I have noticed 7 pixels that
    are a green emerald colour when they should be
    blue. I believe this is due to the 'dead pixel'
    thing on one or more of the three coloured LCD
    panels. But when the image is a moving picture
    you can't see these damaged pixels and from six
    foot away there's no way they have any effect on
    the viewing simply because you just don't notice
    them and therefore it's an acceptable defect.

    My plans are to connect a laptop that has a
    video/TV card to the projector and use that as my
    AV source instead of the standalone devices so to
    that end I'm going to be fine.

    I wonder though if anyone out there with a PLV-Z3
    has noticed this tint thing? Or has tried
    looking for it? If so please share your findings
    with us.

    In conclusion, overall I am happy with this
    projector and can't wait for High Defintion
    material to become available. I have downloaded a
    few of the HD sapmples from wmvhd.com and they
    look absolutley fantastic. Far better than DVD. I
    believe that home cinema via projectors will
    really take of once HD is widely available. It
    really does look like you're at the cinema. I would
    say that it's the equivalent of going from
    Dial-up to Broadband. You don't ever want to
    watch a movie on the small screen again.

  2. martian1

    Well-known Member

    Dec 30, 2001
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    Well i have various hdef movies from a friend, killbill, shrek2, goldeneye etc. I have these all on dvd as well so only have them to compare :lease: . The difference i would say isn't huge but i did notice a slight improvement in detail and its more 3d looking otherwise its the same movie! my dvd's do play very well quality wise so this is my humble opinion! a bit like upgrading a decent graphics card.
    Not a huge improvement for the money :lesson: don't think about dumping your collection for it, not a big deal really :)

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