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Currently I have my first ever router substituting as an ADSL Modem into a Netgear AC1900 Wifi Router, I have just taken up Plusnets offer for Fibre and they've sent me a Plusnet Hub One.

My original DG834G had a hidden page that allowed it to swap to only Internet duties, which is how I got my current setup working - is there a way to do the same with the Hub One?



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If you Hub One doesn't have a "Modem mode" and you still want to use the NetGear as a Wi-Fi Access Point as well/instead of your Hub One, you should be able to "cripple" the NetGear and turn it into a combination Wi-Fi AP and ethernet switch. How to do is described in the "Using Two Routers Together" FAQ pinned in the Networking and NAS forum at AVF.

By "internet only" do you just mean turning off the Wi-Fi..? Most SOHO routers will let you do that. But if you mean "modem only" mode (meaning the NetGear is doing all the routing/NAT/Firewall/ etc.) then that's less common.

Lot's of ill informed Internet Myth moans about Wi-Fi capabilities of various routers. However, most routers supplied by ISP's have the horsepower to route/NAT/firewall etc. for the chosen service - one here's much less (if any) moans about that, so I would worry about whether your new router can fulfill "Internet" duties adequately. Personally, I think I'd "just try it" for a while as is and see if it's Wi-Fi is good enough rather than pre-judging it based on Internet BS. If it sucks, or your NetGear is doing "something" that you new router doesn't (e.g different Wi-Fi protocol support such as AC) then resurrect the NetGear as an AP.
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