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Plumbing Help...connecting washing machine and tumble dryer to waste pipe?


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Can someone please help. I have a washing machine and tumble dryer arriving soon and I want to connect them both to the waste under the sink, see photos. Will I need to replace the whole lot with one of these McAlpine Appliance Trap White 40mm or are there any twin nozzles around that I can use and just replace that bit?

Are the traps a standard size or might I have to cut stuff?



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Traps are a standard size. You have a 40mm waste there. Looks like solvent weld pipe.

If you use a double spigot then the trap outlet will be lower so you'll have to cut your waste pipe lower, pop a new elbow on there and bring it to your trap.


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Would you suggest a double spigot instead of replacing the whole thing with a new one which already has two nozzles like the one in my link to Screwfix? Sorry is a spigot the same thing as a nozzle?


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Only a suggestion, but I assume your drier is the condenser type (otherwise, why would you need to connect it to the drain)?

We bought one some time ago, complete with plumbing kit, which I intended to install later. But I never did; the reservoir is quite large enough for two or three uses at least, and I found it's perfectly convenient to tip it down the sink as necessary.

I assume it has a reservoir. Don't they all?


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yes, it is the condenser type and yes it too has a reservoir but I thought why not use the waste if it is a simple job.

If I did fit a double spigot would the waste water from the washing machine for example spurt up the other spigot connected to the dryer? The hose pipes will be fitted into holes quite high just below the work top but I need to check :)


would the waste water from the washing machine for example spurt up the other spigot
They are designed so that that won't be an issue :thumbsup:
I have a condenser one and I wish I had plumbed it in as there isn't a sink in the same room to empty the reservoir into.

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