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Plugged in why won't you contact me?

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by LTJ, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. LTJ


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    Below is a message posted on another thread immediatley after Dave of plugged in's message. This man/company will not acknowledge my emails . I purchased a product that does'nt appear to work . I've mailed plugged in 4 times and three times on these forums. I'm being very reasonable I can only advise anybody considering buying a product from plugged in to beware.
    I also feel that the moderators should carefully consider Plugged in advertising onthese forums.

    "Dave at Plugged please tell me what is happening with the xcaed you sent me that doesn't work . Why are you ignoring me I've now emailed 4 times given my telephone number and so on. I've been in touch with Barclays Bank about this situation and you've taken my money and I have a product that doesn't work I've tried another PC and still the same problem, but you know this as I've told all ready. How can you skip past my messages as if nothings wrong. So far I have not recieved one email from you to confirm you've received mine. The only contact I've had from you was via a thread I'd started last week seeking some help. You advertise and promote your products here if you can't respond to me when I mail you and then only respond on the forum what do you expect. Please please tell me what's happening.

    If I don't here by tomorrow I'm sending the card back and will get back to Barclays Bank as to the situation. This is a ridiculous situation I've paid for something that doesn't work, you will not respond to that and I'm supposed to accept that while you still advertise on this forum. All I want is the x-card to work so I can use it with the sweet spot which is an excellent product"

    Lawrence Jenkins 0208 402 7399 22

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