pls help! best for Sky+,DVD5.1 & CRT32 TV - that's all!!

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Lexxy_703, Oct 17, 2005.

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    this is my 1st thread post, so pls treat little ol' virgin me very gently... ;)

    i've only got 3 bits of kit i want connecting up - i'm definitely NOT getting the best out of it at the moment with my bog-standard scarts & (dare i mention) little yellow connector/cable :suicide: (see?, i don't even know what to call it?!)

    anyway, in basic terms (i.e. fully wired RGB scart, S-Video to scart etc) can you please give me a little guidance as to what cables will get the best out of what i've got...

    TV - 2 yr old Sony KV36FS76 - 36" wega CRT
    4 scart sockets - 1 & 2 = 21 pin scart, RGB input, TV audio/video output,
    3 & 4 = 21 pin scart, Svideo input, selectable audio/video input.

    DVD/Home Cinema - Sony DAV S550
    currently connected via the Component Video out jacks for audio & the 'yellow' connector thru a scart converter into the TV.
    n.b. we don't currently have sky movies (which is the only true 5.1 output from sky?, but i'm assuming i'd need an optical jack if we did change).

    Sky+ - Thomson 80GB HD - only fitted last week. just using the standard scart cable it was supplied with.

    Normal TV Arial - need a new cable for this as the Sky'Man' said it was rubbish (it's just a little white cable - he did leave some black cable from what he did outside & said we could use this, 'just' put some co-ax connectors on it??). we haven't got the ariel into the sky box as yet as the pic was awful, only a bit better being directly into TV.

    so that's it (i think) - pretty basic system to the other fantastic stuff i've seen on here!

    any ideas would be gratefully received, plus a nudge in the right direction as to where i can buy them (MarkGrantCables???)

    thanks in advance,

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