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Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by devbias, Dec 30, 2017.

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      Okay, so I've never had an issue with Plex in the past with anything on my network but on my LG OLED65E7 it's driving me mad and makes no sense.
      Account links no drama but fails to connect to server even though it's fully active as a relay server.
      No drama as I prefer it to act as a local server and would switch off the relay once I have it running anyway.

      Local config entered in LG plex app but still no server found. Log in plex server sees LG TV as an active device ???

      Quick search of the forums showed other users having same problem and work around was plex X play which works with excactly the same config Plex refuses to connect with.

      Anyone managed to identify the cause of this bug

      PS, don't want to update to the latest LG webOS as a might fix as known hdmi switching bug would cause more grief than the plex bug

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