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Please tell me they have invented a mouse keyboard combo for coach play ??


Hi I am planning on buying/building a PC for use with my home cinema for watchign DVD`s threw my projector and all so some gaming. Rome total war etc.

the thought of sittign on my coach with a keyboard on my lap trying to move the mouse on my coach just seems like a nightmare for gameplay.

is there no easy to use Joystick out there or a keyboard mouse combo especialy for easy sit down play on a coach etc.. even some specia madel controle pad ???

any ideas ??



Well-known Member
Nothing Im aware of mate,I did look a while back when I first set my HC up but had no joy.The best thing you can do is this:

Decent wireless mouse

A Belkin speedpad,a lot smaller than your normal keyboard and TBH,a lot better for gaming as well;)

and then something like this

It works for me anyway:D


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Well unless you meant "couch" I don't advise you to drive your coach and play games at the same time.

If you do mean couch you could try a gyration mouse . I quite happily played through HL2 with mine . The keyboard is a little laggy though , mouse is fine. Wouldn't do any counterstriking with it though.


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I think you will find it very hard to do any gaming without a mouse .most games are designed with the use of the mouse as the main tool to play the game

Get a wireless mouse/keyboard, I have the keyboard on my lap and use a table mat for the mouse its about the same size as a mouse mat but solid so it will work better resting on the sofa


that small keyboard mentioned a few above looks perfect !!

A Belkin speedpad

there must be some king of joystick you can use. its not really rocket science for a joystick to work like a mouse.

push joystick forward mouse cursor moves forward.. push to the left cursor moves to the left etc etc.

top triger button = left button on mouse

normal triger button = right mouse buttom.

the air flow mouses which I have just seen which says it all you cna use them in the air, the only problem I can see with this is your arm would start to ake after 20-30 mins of play.

I will keep seraching let me no if you find anything people.

it does seem daft thou that they havent invented easier to use controles with more people using there PC more and more with there AV setup..

thanks for the input guys !!



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when the "phantom" games console (i know, I know, :rolleyes: ) was announced, they had a very clever design for a keyboard/mouse combo which allowed for couch play.

Both are wireless and the keyboad sits above while the mouse moves below it on a tablet. If you go to the phantoms web site you can see it. Its a very clever design, but wether it sees the light of day, is anybodys guess.

You could rig something to work the same way.



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i sit in an armchair all the time at home on my PC, legs up on a dining chair, keyboard on my knees (G15 no less..heh) and mouse on a solid mat on the arm of the chair, works fine for me, i play in a CSS clan and have no problems whipping ass....heh

granted the arms are reasonably high, when i use the downstairs lounge when the folks are away and i move all my gear down there for the week then i use a cushion under the mousepad as its a sofa and no arm on the right side of me, only the left.......still works fine until the cat comes along..lol

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