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Please someone help!


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Hi all,
If I buy a soft modded xbox that hasn't got XBMC on it, is it possible to install XBMC onto it or not? And if it is how do I do it?



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a man after my own xbmc.....
http://aid.xbox-hq.com/ appears to be helpful not quite worked it out yet but i think AID can be installed on a softmod xbox...
can anyone confirm ?


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Dont know much about soft modding " mines is hard modded so to speak "
I use a program called Craxtion From xbox- scene, You may have to join them to download.
You will probably need "Slayers Evox Auto Installer" depends if you play on xbox live,
Once you've installed all, all you do is download xbmc then ftp it to your xbox using craxtion. :)

Hope this helps
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