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Please please

Can some one help me please I use to be a LCD fan I purchased a Sony {KDLL32mrx1 ****} just under a year ago I was not impressed to learn that it’s not fully high-def compatible and it dose not have good picture quality’s and other issues

I just recently came into some money and I won’t to buy a new TV for my room I’m hoping to buy the Pioneer PDP-436xde can any one tell me if this is a good investment you see I do not want another kick in the balls again is there any issues that I should be a wear of and can some one also tell me if the ghost story I hear that plasma gas runs out after a few years the picture starts to deteriorates true. I read a few magazines and this TV has all ways got the best reviews but I would like owner opinion if this is the right choice to go for and where’s a good place to buy the set from at a good price.

PS I would like to apologues for any spelling mistakes, I have a sight difficulty and my magnification software not working with my graphic card

PPS is the TV also future proof will it work with all new HD and other standards that mite come in the future.

Thanks for your time and help

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Mate, I'm not a pioneer owner (although my mate has one) but this screen does everything that you want, has very good reviews and is HD ready. I can assure you that they don't run out of gas (complete plasma myth)! and that you get will many, many years viewing before the brightness depreciates.
The Panasonic PHD8 is also worthy of consideration, if you already have TV and sound sorted out.
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