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Please recommend me some speakers to go with my new Eclipse 5425E - Morel Pulse? IMD?


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Hey all!

I'm currently in the process of upgrading the audio in my 2000 reg Ford Fiesta. It's hard to stick a budget on this - my previous home amp DIY project was done on a value rational - while some components were a tad on the pricey side, I only included them if I could warrent their use, and even then, they were aquired from the cheapest of the cheap venders.

I have been basing a car-audio set-up on the intention of replicating my HiFi system at home. Admitedly, this may be naive, as cars are no doubt very different enviroments, but, I use a custom-made tripath amplifier, an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card and two stereo Monitor Audio BR2 speakers.

The short of it is - I've never found the need for a subwoofer in my home, so is it fair to say I'm not likely to feel the need for one in a car? I'm assuming, but when sound dynamics are considered, could well be wrong.

After a great deal of research and consulting of various forums, I have aquired an Eclipse CD5425E which should suffice for a reasonably priced high-quality source. I now, however, need to locate some suitable speakers.

Continuing on my marathon of research, I am quite taken by the Morel Pulse 6x9 very highly reviewed here and again, albeit it with slightly less scrutiny at here. It seemed from what I had read, I was unlikely to find a more suitable sounding nor a more better value speaker for the money. While £150 wasn't cheap, it was acceptable.

However, in my attempts to find suitable vendors, I stumbled upon some Morel 6.5 Components being sold near me used for less than the 6"-9" were new. Problem is, I am unsure whether I should go for them - they have a smaller frequency range, I cannot find any exact reviews praising them and I had been advised using door-speakers was generally a poorer-performing way to go. But yet, on the upside, they are being sold new for considerably more money, so surely they cannot be worse? Then again I don't want to make any costly assumptions, as they are of course a different style of speaker.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this situation, and any other suggestions/comments/recommendations on what I have already nabbed and what I am considering, especially on the Morel dilemna. Perhaps I could buy the used 6.5s for the front, then maybe purchase a 6x9 for the back shelf later?

Of course, if you feel these are actually a completely overhyped product, please feel free to say so and put forward other ideas. I had heard Image Dynamics were good for components, but I am currently attempting to hunt down the link I had to a review for one of their sets.

I could use your vast sea of experience, hardened knowledge and steaming recommendations to help bring hifi audio to my car! Hopefully before someone snaps up those used 6.5s :)

Many thanks to anyone who can help. :)


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