Please recommend me a progressive scan player(pal+ntsc) for under £400?


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Question is in the subject ,

I have a Sony dvp-s725d plugged into my Tosh 36zp38 via component but my DVD player does not support progressive scan:-(

So i'm looking and wondering if anyone can help me please.

many thanks,



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What features do you need apart from progressive component out? Do you need DVD Audio compatibility or excellent audio cd playback etc?

Off the top of my head I would say a Panasonic E-85 dvd recorder as not only will it give you excellent progressive playback but it will also do the same for your other sources so you can de-interlace normal tv broadcast etc. Plus you get superb dvd/hd recording functionality too and dvd audio support. Best price is around £500 at the moment I believe though. You could also consider the E-55 dvd recorder without hard drive. Of course if you also want top end audio cd playback you'd probably be better off looking at other models.



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If you could afford to spend another £100 then you could get an Arcam DV88+ which does progressive scan and also has excellent CD playback.

They are available for £499 (half price) in the bargains section.
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