Please recommend me a new system.


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I dont want a seprate's system like you lot as i cannot afford it and the wife would hate all the wires.

I have narrowed it down to this lot.If you want to see them they are all on

At the minute i have a LG3350 & Videologic DTS digitheatre.

What would i be gaining off getting the new system.??
Is my old system as good as the new systems.??

Panasonic SC-DT300 £449.99
Panasonic SC-DT100 £399.99

Sony DAV-S500
Sony DAV-S550

Pioneer DCS-303 £369.99
Pioneer Slim System 454 DVD player VSX-C100 Reciever SV40 speakers. £449.99

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Many thanks Jed


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Originally posted by Jed
I dont want a seprate's system like you lot as i cannot afford it and the wife would hate all the wires.

Separates really are better, but if your wife's opinions are important....:D

Investigate JVC TH-AV75R...
Attractive styling, six neat aluminium satellites plus a grunty sub.
DD, DTS, DD-EX, DTS-ES, DPL2 , first U.K. all-in-one to do so.


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Thanks for that mate,but it's around £600.Bit to much for me.

Was really looking at around the price's i have given.

Thanks though.


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Anymore help here guys.

Just had a look at a couple systems tonight.The Pionner seems to be the most powerful.


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Thats about it for the money you want to spend.

Just thought Philips do one or two models as well.


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Got a DAVS500 (multi region) myself from Richer Sounds for £350, and very pleased with it.

However, if you're going for the SCDT100, Dixons are currently selling it for £299.


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Thanks for your replys lads.

Any more before i take the plunge.

What i really want to know is will any of the systems be better sound wise than the Digitheatre.??

I am having bother with DTS tracks on the Digitheatre.When slow music church bells piped music is played it skips and bleeps.

I have it on a three year warranty and hopefully will be fully replaced with a new silver one. :)Cos they should'nt have anymore of these.

Please help.

Cheers Jed


GO FOR the pioneer dcs 303 someting like that
it has dts. dolby PLII
and price is right

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