please recommend me a budget/compact/easy to use PC setup

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by figoagogo, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Can some please recommend me a budget/compact/easy to use PC setup. It is for my parents, currently they have tower + monitor (Win Vista), they want to replace this with a tidier solution:

    They like the "ALL-IN-ONE" types (i.e. a PC in a monitor) or possibly something like a "NET TOP" Acer Aspire Revo R3700 Nettop - Revo Nettops | this has no drive, which would be required).

    It does not need to be super powerful, just quick, reliable, tidy, easy to use, internet/out look will be its main use! In addition they do have a Sony Internet TV, and I would consider using it to strore and stream movies, the current PC will not do this!

    ALSO - the monitor they have is tiny so it would need to be part of a NET TOP package. Keyboard / Mouse not an problem, but they would need plenty of USB ports.

    Can anyone recommend something, say £350 budget, they would perhaps prefer a "real shop" PCWORLD/CURRYS but not afraid to try online like Amazon/E-buyer/Dell.

    I am so out of touch with this, I just run a bog standard laptop these days.

    Links would be nice - I just want to say look at this or that, then order it in for them!


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