Please recommend a Soundbar for our Philips 58PUS8555


We are very happy with the Philips Ambilight TV which we bought after your helpful advice but, as you predicted, are not satisfied with the sound quality.
We plan to buy a soundbar but are totally ignorant and would appreciate advice, please - particularly wanting classical music concerts to sound better.
The TV sits on a stand; we only watch Freeview and don't do gaming.
I've been trying to do research but find it all completely baffling.
We don't need to be cheap (though prefer not to spend loads) but, as you explained about TVs, for our needs, I presume something very expensive would
be wasted on us anyway.
Many thanks, in advance, for your thoughts.


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Check out the following model:

It is a bit expensive, but futureproof. You might want to prefer it over cheaper models.


Really kind of you to send all the reviews, which I will read carefully - I had discovered the Fidelio and was what I had in mind when I felt it would be unnecessarily expensive for us but will definitely consider it, many thanks


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PIck your true price point, then choose the top rated product from online shops that deliver to your region. Make sure it supports ARC (= HDMI connection will transfer wake up and volume control signals).

I got my JBL 2.0 for 105€ delivered. It does sound sound so much better than any TV, but is a bit finicky to wake up. But in worst case scenario, it takes only less than 30 seconds to reboot the soundbar few times to make ARC connection.


Many thanks, Finski - "supports ARC" and explaining what that means is really helpful.
As the world's my oyster, I'm not sure it is wise for us to choose one that is finicky to wake up.
I was also wondering if it is safest to stick with a Philips soundbar so I can be sure it is compatible?
My research suggests Yamaha, Bose, Sonos, Samsung, Sony and LG should all be ok.
I was thinking to stick with under around £300.
Do we want 300W or doesn't it matter?
We don't need to wall mount but presume it is irrelevant. Amazon lists (£199)

Philips B6305/10 Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer Wireless (2.1 Channels, 140 W Output Power, Dolby Audio, HDMI ARC, Ultra-Slim Design with Integrated Wall Mount Bracket) Black​

We bought the TV from Richer Sounds thanks to recommendations from this forum as we got
a long warranty so maybe we should stick with them/John Lewis; on the other hand, if we buy
from Amazon we can get a refund if it doesn't suit us.
Appreciate your time and thoughts; thanks to anyone who can offer advice.


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Maybe Sonos is a good solution for you? The Sonos Arc or the Beam. Whatever your choice is you can always expand it with rear speakers and a subwoofer.
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Thanks for the thoughts - Sonos sounds good value, but, still being completely ignorant, we need advice about subwoofers, watts and other things so we'll go to John Lewis and hope to find an assistant to give us a crash course on soundbars.

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