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Big Mac

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Hi, apologies if this isn't the right place to put this but can anyone please recommend me a courier suitable for collecting/delivering a pair of floor standing speakers (20kg each) plus an amp (10kg).

Thanks in advance.


Location: Truro

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I would use UPS, They take really good care of my parcels and I send a lot through work.


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Simply fill in your spec and couriers will tender to get the job and you pick which one you like best. Excellent service and well worth keeping in your saved links as its very handy.

tony cosgrove

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Transglobal, they're agents for all of the big carriers but they are excellent and they're prices are very good too.

I've used them to send that weight to France (Proac Studio 140s).


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UPS via Pharosparcel have just reduced prices for Christmas...what tends to make all the difference is the insurance...some companies charge exorbitant prices...Pharos have always tended to be the lowest.


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Are Interparcel reliable for sending amps? I usually use parcel2go but they have a £200 insurance limit on amps which is no good to me.


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Are Interparcel reliable for sending amps? I usually use parcel2go but they have a £200 insurance limit on amps which is no good to me.
They're just a broker so the service will depend on the actual courier you use. Their "own brand" service is provided by UPS who are generally decent.

You'll need to check the list of exclusions from compensation before committing. Won't be long now before you can't send anything with insurance.


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Do you mind if I ask why you say this? Are people ripping the couriers off?
I don't know if fraud is behind it but a few years back there were very few restriction on insured items. Now the list seems to be lengthening by the week.

I guess it's not too hard for someone to buy something broken from Ebay, send it to mate who then "discovers" it's been "damaged in transit" & claims compensation...


It's more a case of their drivers finding more and more things to break in transit isn't it ? :devil:

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