Please recommend <£500 37" LCD for 720p / SkyHD :)


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Ok, I've had a chat with the old man, and he's now happy for me to go for a 37" set. Given that I'm buying it, and it's only for 'TV' use (not for games, e.t.c.) I've set myself a budget of £500.

What I'm wanting the TV to do is as follows :

1) Offer the best possible SD picture at that price-point.
2) Offer the lowest detectable amount of motion blur on both SD and HD 720p/1080i at that price-point.
3) Ideally be geared towards a 'natural', rather than 'vivid' picture - although that's probably something I can calibrate anyway!

I'm really not bothered by 1080p, so I'd quite happily go for a 1366x768 or similar panel, if it meant getting a more coherent picture, without relying on additional scaling :smashin:

That's about it really :smashin:

When I was in the trade, about 4 years ago, I used to *love* the Panasonics that were out at the time, the LX60(?) 32"? Lovely natural picture out the box, and not bad on SD either. But I hated the Samsung models, with their ridiculously OTT primary colours. Again, that was probably something that could have been calibrated out, but I don't fall for the 'your blue sea should be SO BLUE THAT YOUR EYES BLEED' approach that some companies seem(ed?) to push.

PS - I'd probably plump for a Plasma myself, but being the parent's electric bill, and reading about the MLL(?) issue on some Panny sets recently, I think I'll stick with LCD for the moment :)
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