Please reccomend me some gaming/movie watching speakers for about £250


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Hi all,

For months (ok years) I have had my eyes on the Z5500's but seeming as i am upstairs have always thought not practical and will get moaned at....well now a lot of time I get to be home alone so I get to be evil :devil:

I can have some speakers for when peoples when theyre not in and i've ordered some turtle beach x4 head phones for when they are in.

I need to know what to get...I have just been doing some searching and I like the idea of either the:

Logitech Z5500 (as stated)
or the Sony htddwg800

Now I want to know if the Sony will be much better, now don't forget I cant have them be TOO loud being upstairs and living in a semi detached so quality over volume is a must.

Also from what I can see the Sony doesnt support any form of optical out to connect my headphones to. Not sure about the logitech....although I could connect the headphones to the 360 and then into the surround maybe?

Also my TV has an optical out so surely if the sony uses the one HDMI I could perhaps use the optical out for the headphones?

Basically if I didnt make any sense what so ever I need a good surround system where by I can connect my headphones too without switching cables

Obviously I cant afford seperates...

Thanks for your help



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I have the Logitech Z5500's and am quite happy with them, I'm pretty sure they don't have an optical out for headphones.

It is a powerful system and the subwoofer itself is massive but the satelite speakers aren't too big.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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