Please Reccomend a PDA


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Hi All,

Could someone recommend a PDA for me?
I've Got a budget of About £200, but ideally I don't want to spend that much.

It does not have to have a colour screen or anything fancy, I just want it for storing telephone numbers and keeping track of tasks. I also would like it to be compatible with Excel.

Thanks in advance.


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For a basic pda you should look at some of the Palm models. A mono screen Zire is quite cheap, and you can get software for viewing or editing spreadsheets.

If you want a Pocket PC, then one of the Dell or Mitac units are the best value.

Although you may only want it for excel and contacts, you may find that it is useful for many other things once you start using it, so you should consider expansion and memory storage potential too.

Palm and pocketpc use memory and processors differently, so don't be fooled by what seems like a better specification on the pocketpc. Palms are much less demanding.

mince bigalow

go for the iPaq mate, theyre really nice and small and have pocket excel built in. And they have the best screens by far, better than my XDA 2!

Also the play mp3s and movies :)

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