please need help on new amp if i need it please


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What im after with my home theatre system is not loudness by crystal sound from all speakers a clear and perfect sound that comes from all front centre and rear speakers, as system is set up in bedroom loudness is not that important, at the momnet my av receiver is ok but im after a very clear sound from all speakers and also that will provide good sound from music cds too my budget for a new av reciever is £350-450max

here is my current set up

av receiver : SHERWOOD RD 7103R

dvd player :pANASONIC DVD RV41

centre spk: Gale 3050C

front spk: Gale GOLD MONITOR MK2

rear spk: Gale 3010


at the moment i am looking at

Yamaha DSP-AX757SE

Pioneer VSX-1015 7.1


Distinguished Member might find it is the speakers themselves that are not crystal clear, i've used gales in the past and although they have a good sound for the money, it tends to be warm and rich with an ability to go fairly loud, as opposed to bright and clear....however i havnt tried the newer gales so mebbe they changed their approach

if what im thinking is right then im not sure a different amp will make all that much difference....if a speaker is inherently rich and warm then no amp is going to make THAT much difference........if however im wrong and your speakers are not rich and warm in their approach, then by all means try different amps.....or even different DVD players..depends on what you thing is to demo them tho, otherwise you get what you get and have to put up with

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