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Seems like people can get away with this stuff without worries. There was a story about a gang of lads traping a girls cat in the back garden then setting their pit bull on it in view of the girl. Makes me sick.

Kazuya Mishima

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It's a petition which will be sent to Margaret Beckett, Environment Secretary, to demand a reform of the laws governing animal cruelty, including the maximum sentence available for animal cruelty.

Mr Cat

cuelty to animals...

I saw the article - really, really sick...the ppor creatures


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Kopite4Ever said:
whats it say ? i refuse to open or look at anything to do with the sun newspaper for obvious reasons

I thought you all read the Sun in l'pool? ;) :D

Mr Cat

mrtbag said:
I thought you all read the Sun in l'pool? ;) :D

nah, the spurt, sorry - sport! :rotfl:


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mrtbag said:
I thought you all read the Sun in l'pool? ;) :D

They don't read the sun, or see it in liverpool! ;)


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Sheesh, I know about hillsborough and all, but one must....I'll shut up. Don't want to start a riot

This is about animal cruelty, Kopite4Ever, and the despicable behaviour of one too many and the frankly soft punishment

Kopite4Ever, just sign the damn thing, if you support it. Just don't ignore the campaign because of the past. Animals don't have anything to do with the past

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