Question Please humor me...want to automate as much as possible, what do I need?(CCTV, Alarm,Lights, Heating)


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We're currently renovating our house (5 beds, 2 lounges, 3 floors), it's pretty huge and we also run a business from here. We really need to get some thing sorted urgently (e.g. security) but as we're also doing some plumbing work, installing a new kitchen, knocking walls out etc... we're trying to picture what we need to install now (and what can be added later) to create a lovely, futuristic home!

We'd like decent-ish CCTV and alarm system - any pointers? Front door and garage door coverage. Movement monitors? Door sensors. Been quoted £1500 for installation of a traditoinal system.

We have 2 boilers and 2 thermostats, it's hard to get our head round what we need, but I think we've got it down to needing a Honeywell Evohome for our main open plan space (one boiler/thermostat) and using a few radiator things on infrequently used rooms in the rest of the house. Evohome is the only 'zone' system is that correct?

Lighting, we have some Hu waiting to be installed for 'looks' - can it integrate with motion sensors?

Sockets - what do people use the controllable sockets for? I'm picturing TV etc... to be completely off, and christmas lights! Anything I'm missing?

I'd love to open the door and the hallway light come on automatically for 5 mins for example, is this doable easily?

Is there a good way to get rid of the remote control for the tv, xbox, projector, set top box, speakers? (just got chrome audio instead of sonos on our 5.1 speakers, so they're now on all the time, which is perhaps wasteful?)

A remote boiling kettle would be nice too...any other products that you can't live with out now?

I'm I asking too much? Any advice is appreciated on any aspect of this. What I don't want is 10 apps on my phone I don't use because it's too much hassle to use them, if that makes sense!
Does any system do it all?


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Have a look at the loxone website. I'm looking at getting this fitted in a renovation project. Should do everything you want from a single place instead of multiple apps.

Alex Brock

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Aclass Technology is a wealth of knowledge.

Fibaro can do all of this for you without costing the earth. It's simple enough to program and to modify at a later date by the end user.

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