please how much difference will going to cat5 make on audio


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at the moment i have nice gale speakers running on cheap audio cable before splashing out on a new av will it be worth updating all speackers to cat5, how much will this improve the sound quality also what typre of cat5 cable price range from 29p and up,


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i know my wife can tell the difference compared to some supra speaker cables that i had - we changed the cables mid movie / mid audio cd and it's discernable.

For the better :D



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made a real difference to my mission 771s gave the sound back its 3d feel and improved the sound well as sound quality...i got mine from the B and Q 100mtrs for 15.00..did the job ..sounds a lot better than my QED Qudos cable i had on. worth all the twisting Akky :thumbsup:


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Excuse my ignorance, but why are two Cat5 cables used for this purpose, as opposed to one?

Surely having 4 wires should provide enough bandwidth to carry the signal???

Just curious :confused:


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You might find that it's actually 3 cables platted together, i've done the same, some people on here have 6 cables, there might be people with more.

Basically your increasing the the thickness off the cable carrying signal.

A thin cable will have more resistance causing your amp to have to work harder and could degrade sound quality.


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Would the CAT5 give a better result than platting three oxygen free type cheapie speaker cables?


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Would it be reasonable therefore to say that replacing all of my speaker cables (cheap stuff bought from Focus) with 3 bits of Cat5 will give me greater volume and possibly clearer sound.

Have to say that I have never been blown away by the volume of my speakers, although using standard cable on my upstairs system hooked up to the PC the volume and clarity is incredible.

Am very curious about this because I have a huge stash of Cat5 just sitting there...


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Best advice is try it. It works for me. At worst you'll get sore fingers.


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Quite agree, thanks for your advice!!! :thumbsup:

Mmm, I could retro-fit a load of RJ45 connectors to my speakers... Nahh, maybe not


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I use 6 cables pleated together. At the amp end the positives (coloured cat5) go into the + connection and the negatives (white/striped) go into the - connector.

At the speaker end if you are able to biwire, 2 sets of cable are used for the treble and four for the bass.

Mines sound excellent with my TDL speakers.

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