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Please Help



I hope you can help me...

I have had a company come in and fit my plasma on the wall.

I was expecting the following:
Bracket and tv on wall
Wall chiselled out trunking put in, wires placed in trunking
Skirting removed and Chanel chiselled for wires
Wall plastered up and Skirting put back on
Face plates on each end, (tv end and sky/bluray end)

was that all too much to ask? am I living in a strange world where expectations are just dreams?

I got No Skirting put back on, he destroyed it !
No straight chanel under the skirting, just butchered in zig zags!
No face plates, just wires coming out of a hole in the wall!

Not only that...

He plastered the wires in the wall, then tested them and they didnt work ! all had to come back out !
He then left us waiting for 4 months, when he came back he hadnt got all his tools, so couldnt do chanels for behind skirting!
he has plastered over wall paper

oh I could go on and on !

Im not av or electrically minded, so you will have to excuse all my basic language, I just thought Id the experts, as i really didnt and dont have a clue what to do next !


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I am sorry you have had such a problem and to be left for 4 months for him to come back in unacceptable for a relatively simple job.

Without being rude, now much was the job.

That level of work is tight, but do-able (just) in a day with a tail wind and all you ducks in a row.

Hit a problem and you could easily cross into a second, even a thrid day. Especially if the plaster is dry and brittle like I have in my house. Our labour rates are over £300 per day for a two man team without parts or calling in a plaster to get a professional finish on to it all.



I have paid £250.00 plus £50 for cables
He was here 4 hours maybe the first time


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I have paid £250.00 plus £50 for cables
He was here 4 hours maybe the first time

Depending on the runs etc and the cables, did you already have the bracket? £250 is probably less than i would have quoted but then i wouldn't have left it the way it was and it would have been all finished with brush face plates for cable exits and skirting put back if possible. Unfortunately there isnt much you can do about this person. I and several others are working very hard to improve the service people receive from the industry but there are far too many out there who think it is easy money.

Not sure of the best way to suggest you proceed.


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Sorry, to hear of your misfortune, its 'installers' like these that make it harder for the rest of us.

As the other guys have said any of us installers would probably have charged you a little more but you would have had a proper job, not a bodge.

The difference between an installer and a fitter is, the installer goes the extra mile to make sure the customers happy. This guy was obviously a fitter!! (Its an old car audio phrase, but its just as applicable to this business)

regards linx

Isco 3

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One single guy did the A/V, the plastering, the joinery, etc.
That is rare in our days.:D

Let us know how you get on.

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