Please help.


I have a infocus 350 and i want to buy a screen for it. what i want to know is
1. should i go for widescreen or standard 4:3 screen.

2. I want a floor standing screen cause my flat is rented and i dont want to drill big holes in the roof or wall.

3. where can i get an 80 inch screen from.

Please help as i am new to this.

Peter Parker

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My projector is 4:3, but I watch mostly DVDs, so I made my own 84" x 47.25" screen (16:9 ratio).

I used wood for the frame (with center brace to stop bowing), then stretched and stapled some white blackout cloth over it. It weighs very little, so it hangs on two pieces of wood like a picture (pics on my home page).

You could probably do the same and just use one screw suitably fixed into the wall. You could fill the hole easily when you have to move.

The wood cost me £7 from B&Q, and the cloth £15 from Alders. The screws and staples cost me about £6 IIRC.

try here for floor mounted (don't know if they're any good though):

There are probably others, but these were to hand.



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