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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Gasman, Aug 12, 2002.

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    Please can anyone help !
    I am planning to move to New Zealand and plan to take my Toshiba TV - model 28MW7DB with me. I have had so much conflicting advice that I do not know what to do.
    I know the UK uses PAL I and NZ PAL A/B. I have been told that the set will still work, although other people have said it needs converting and this will cost over £300
    Also I am planning to get Satellite Digital whilst there. If the TV will not work with terestrial signals will it work via a satellite signal, or even a video recorder signal ?
    As I paid in excess of £1000 pounds for the TV and am still very pleased with it - I am loathe not to take it with me.
    Any sensible advice and explanations will be greatly appreciated
    Many Thanks
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    Somewhere in South Yorkshire
    I'm not 100% sure abot NZ, but in general the issue with exporting UK tvs (or importing tvs to the UK from other "pal" territories) is one of tuner reception and broadcast standards.

    1) The NZ broadcasters may use different frequencies for their broadcasts than we do - in which case the TV's tuner may not tune.

    2) Even if they use the same base frequencies, the audio offset* may differ, in which case you may get picture but no sound, or vice versa

    Some TVs have multistandard tuners which do work in other territories.

    (* audio offset: picture and sound are transmitted on different frequencies. The offset is the difference in frequency between picture and sound. In a given territory this offset is a fixed number of KHz. But it varies from territory to territory.)

    Aside from the onboard tuner, the TV will work OK, provided the mains voltage/frequency is as ours is ie 230V +/- 10%, 50hz. It will work OK with any external source, eg VCR, DVD, set top box, provided it is connected via SCART or other AV input.

    Obviously, any external source that is also used to receive off-air has the same potential issue ie has to be able to tune to local broadcasts. A locally-bought VCR can be used as an off air tuner. A locally bought/rented set top box will obviously receive local broadcasts and will happily send these to your TV via an AV connection. DVD players don't have tuners so aren't affected.

    Locally-bought VCRs, set top boxes etc, will probably not supply the correct RF signal for the TV (ie they won't work if they are only connected via an RF connection (aerial cable) to the TV).

    Also note that many countries outside Europe do not have to suffer the dreadful SCART connector. If NZ is such a country, SCART connectors may be difficult to obtain. If your TV has only SCART sockets, you may want to buy and take with you a selection of SCART to {another type of AV connector eg RCA phono or SVideo} cables.

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